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'Bad Teacher' sequel in development

Because $$$, or something

By Corwin Neuse Jun 21, 2013 8:45AM
"The Hangover" franchise aside, it's rare that comedies garner sequels. And for good reason; what was funny the first time around is often, well, slightly less funny when repeated ad nauseum. (See also: "The Hangover" franchise.) Despite that, The Hollywood Reporter is, er, reporting that Sony is developing a sequel to Cameron Diaz's 2011 hit "Bad Teacher." 

Bing: Cameron Diaz | 'Bad Teacher'

Why? Well, the first made approximately $200 million worldwide on a scant $20 million production budget, a 10-1 return on investment that even Joss Whedon would envy. For example, if the recent "Man of Steel" were as comparatively successful, earning ten times what it cost to make, it would make something like $2.15 billion worldwide. And that's just doesn't happen. For anyone. Except James Cameron.

Still, while a "Bad Teacher" sequel might make monetary sense, how would one make narrative sense? Wasn't the story of "Bad Teacher," like it's spiritual predecessor, "Bad Santa," fairly self-contained? Is the world really clamoring for more Cameron Diaz cursing in front of toddlers? Only time will tell, but as always, Hitlisters, let us know what you think in the comments...

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