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New 'South Park' movie in the works?

Back-room dealing between Warner Bros. and Paramount hints at the possibility

By Corwin Neuse Jun 5, 2013 8:51PM
So this is interesting: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has relinquished the film rights to the "Friday the 13th" franchise—and, apparently, some portion of an upcoming "South Park" film—to Paramount, just for the right to co-finance Christopher Nolan's hotly anticipated "Dark Knight" follow-up "Interstellar."

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Christopher Nolan, of course, previously made "Inception" and the entire "Dark Knight" trilogy—not to mention billions of dollars in profits—for Warner Bros., so they had/have every reason to want to maintain/continue their good relationship with him. What's slightly more puzzling is the backstory behind their aforementioned concessions. "South Park" is produced by Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, which also owns Paramount Pictures. So wouldn't Paramount already own the rights to a future "South Park" movie? Paramount was the studio of record on the last "South Park" flick, "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut," after all. Then again, digging deeper, one would find that Warner Bros. actually owned international distribution rights for that film, so... Maybe Paramount now owns "South Park" throughout the known world?

These silly and/or maybe impertinent questions aside, the important take-away from all this is that, potentially, there's another "South Park" movie in the offing. Which is great news to anyone who thinks that "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" is the best movie musical of the past 20 years, save for maybe "Moulin Rouge!" And also to anyone who thinks Eric Cartman is hilarious. As for the "Friday the 13th" news... Paramount originally owned that franchise as well, before New Line Cinema acquired its rights sometime in the past blah blah blah, who really cares, because "South Park!" A new "South Park" movie? Really??

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