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Interview: Chloe Grace Moretz of 'Kick-Ass 2'

'We didn't have to do this movie...we chose to do it'

By James Rocchi Aug 16, 2013 3:54AM

Perhaps the breakout character and performance in "Kick-Ass" came as the script's coarser moments came forth from Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit Girl, a trained killing machine part feral cat and part Hello Kitty. We spoke with Moretz about what she wanted in the sequel, high school on screen and her nerdiest diversion ... 

MSN Movies: I'm asking everyone this: Were you surprised when Kick-Ass, the original, turned from this sort of sideways cult hit of a film to, "Oh, the sequel is now a logical idea." Was that surprising to you?


Chloe Grace Moretz: Yeah, it definitely was.  Because we made the movie four years, almost five years now, and  we always wanted to do it, but it was never  ... we were like, "Oh, we're going to find someone to do it, is someone going to actually do it for us, are we going get funders, is a studio even going to fund it?" And then, you know, when the first one really hit ... fans have really been wanted a "Kick-Ass 2" for a very long time, since they made the original.  In press (interviews) for the original they were like, "So when's the second one coming out?"  And we were like, "I don't know," but up until that first day of filming I was sure it wasn't going to happen because we had waited so long.  Our options ran up on our contracts so we didn't even have to do it, we chose to do it because we trusted in Jeff and the script so much.


You were free from your contractual obligations.




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But still said, "We want back in the pool."


Yeah, exactly. 


And that's rare.


Well, it was very rare.  Most actors would move on, try something new, but you know, I turned down like four different projects to make sure I could do "Kick-Ass 2," because I felt that Mindy needed to be seen again and I felt that it did need a second film.


And also, the character of Mindy aka Hit-Girl, has a little more agency this time.  She's not just someone who's ... in the first film, you know, the way Big Daddy raises her is "cool," but it also verges on emotional and psychic abuse.




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Here, she very much comes into her own.  Was that something that was good to see in the script?


Yeah, you know, I definitely wanted a really great emotional arc with her.  Because otherwise ...   you can't have a sixteen year-old girl doing and saying what eleven year-olds do because it's not cute, you know?  You can't have a sixteen year-old being all crass and saying all these guy jokes because it's not cute after a while, it's kind of weird and creepy.  So we had to do it tastefully to where she still has Hit-Girl, but (in the first film) we never saw Mindy.  So it's showing Mindy and who she is as a young girl because that's the real story, you know?


There's a subplot in this film where Mindy runs afoul of the mean girls in her school when a prank is played on her.  I watched that scene and thought, "Oh, that's great, she's doing 'Carrie.'"  And I believe you went from (shooting a remake of) "Carrie" to this.  Was it interesting to pull from that film for this film version of the social outcast thing?


Yeah, I felt like I hadn't left a high school in forever and I'm home schooled.  I spent more time in a high school than I've ever.  It was so funny, you know, because with "Carrie," I shot that for three months and then I had a weekend off, and then I went straight into "Kick-Ass 2" production in Toronto and then straight on from there to London for "Kick-Ass 2" production and it was just so random going from being covered in blood every night to being in a purple suit fighting people every night.  It was a weird contrast, you know, but it was interesting.  Throughout "Carrie" I had been in such a dark place that I had all my emotions there in a little bowl, that with Mindy I was able to just kind of sprinkle those emotions out and really make Mindy that dark, real, dimensional character that she is.


One final quick question.  We all have a nerdy secret, whether it's Spiderman pj's or making lightsaber noises anytime we grab an umbrella --what's your secret nerd thing?


Gosh, I'm a nerd, I'm a video gamer.  I a gamer.  I love video games.  I could stay all day in my room and just play video games.  I'm such a fan.

(For more on "Kick-Ass 2," watch our video interview below.)
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