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Dipping into the late 80s

By Kim Morgan May 17, 2011 1:22PM
Wow. A remake of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie? And "Bloodsport"?

Why, it only seems like yesterday. Though 1988 was ... I'm not even going to count the years.

Here's the details from Coming Soon:

"ScreenDaily reports that Phillip Noyce ('Salt') will direct a remake of the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme-starrer 'Bloodsport,' to be written by Robert Mark Kamen.

"The site says 'the story will follow an American who goes to Brazil to recover from the violence he has experienced in Afghanistan who gets involved in a martial arts contest.'" 

January Jones in Allure Magazine

By Kim Morgan May 16, 2011 4:39PM
January Jones: "Mad Men" and "X Men: First Class" star.

In a most unusual and painful way

By Kim Morgan May 16, 2011 4:32PM
James Franco takes liking his friends very, very seriously.

This isn't no, Megan Fox Mickey Rourke tattoo, this isn't even a vial of Billy Bob's blood a la Angelina Jolie. This is something else.

Carving Renfro. Sounds like a movie title.

Here's more from Huffington Post:

"Franco is participating in an art installation at the Venice Biennale to honor James Dean, the man he played in a 2001 TV movie that won him a Golden Gobe.

"According to the Los Angeles Times, for this installation, Franco will take part in a re-examination of that TV film and display his own work, which he bled for... quite literally.

"On display will be a video Franco shot of himself having his 'Deuces Wild' co-star Brad Renfro's name being carved into his arm; Renfro died in 2008 of a heroin overdose."


Run away ...

By Kim Morgan May 16, 2011 4:20PM
I know this has little to do with movies, but I'm just concerned this a**hol ... I mean, man will  show up in something like "The Hangover III."

OK, maybe not. I mean, Mel Gibson? I understood, though I wasn't down with that dismissal. But the below fellow?

Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if Zach Galifianakis got to say: "You're Fired!"

"He's sure he'd get the job, but Donald Trump is withdrawing his application.

"'I will not be running for president as much as I'd like to,' he told reporters Monday in New York while promoting his show 'The Apprentice.'"

In the wise words of the better "Apprentice" host, Martha Stewart, "It's a good thing."


Beats 'Bridesmaids'

By Kim Morgan May 16, 2011 10:38AM
People were wondering, as I posted on Friday, could women bring in the box office over the weekend?

Well, not to number one.

It looks like the almighty "Thor" beat out "Bridesmaids" for the top spot. I'm not surprised, and I'm not angry (please don't get me on some "chick flick" lament, because I don't have those).

With that, here were the top five movies over the weekend:

1.  "Thor"  --   $34.5M

2.   "Bridesmaids"   --   $24.4M

3.   "Fast Five"  --  $19.5M

4.   "Priest"  --   $14.5M

5.   "Rio"  --   $8M

I can't stand to read anything ...

By Kim Morgan May 16, 2011 10:33AM
I saw some of this headline -- Cannes and Terrene Malick -- and I literally turned my head away. I will not read any press about the upcoming "Tree of Life" until after I've seen it. That's how excited I am for the movie. The trailer makes me weep, it's so damn beautiful.

But here's some of the piece. I saw the word "boo" and had to stop reading. But if you're not as sensitive as I am, read on (from EW):

"It’s daunting to describe Terrence Malick’s 'The Tree of Life,' but scattered audience members at its first screening in Cannes needed only one syllable: boo.

"The many supporters of the movie pushed back with counter-applause, but it was a shocking way for the movie to debut."


'Bridesmaids' opens today

By Kim Morgan May 13, 2011 10:10AM
The movie everyone's thinking/talking about opens this weekend -- "Bridesmaids" -- touted as the female version of "The Hangover."

It's also being seen as a test for female comedians -- can they carry a movie?

Movieline talks to "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig about this query, and much more.

Here's a bit of their intro:

"Behind the femme-dominated laughs of this Friday’s Bridesmaids — the movie that will prove ladies can carry blockbuster comedies, or not, but probably so — is writer, actor, director, Judd Apatow compatriot, and creator of the well-loved cult series Freaks and Geeks, Paul Feig. After a successful run directing episodes of your favorite shows (The Office, Arrested Development), Feig is finally staking his claim in the film world with the Kristen Wiig starrer, about a woman tapped to play maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. But Feig, on the brink of a likely summer hit, is noticeably nervous.

“'I feel there’s a lot riding on this for very funny women in comedy,' Feig admitted to Movieline via telephone Wednesday. 'If it doesn’t do well or doesn’t do box office the way people want it to then it’s very easy for them to go, ‘Oh well — see, you can’t have women carrying movies!'

"Feig’s right. Bridemaids, which is tracking well and has earned rave reviews ever since its SXSW debut earlier this year, will be a test of sorts for the drawing power of female comedians at the box office."

Allen talks depth at Cannes

By Kim Morgan May 11, 2011 6:36PM
“I consider myself a completely lucky filmmaker. I aspire to be an artist, but I never felt I had the depth or substance.”

-- Woody Allen at this year's Cannes Film Festival

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