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First 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster revealed

And it doesn't show much

By Corwin Neuse Dec 3, 2012 8:35PM
With the release of the hotly anticipated "Star Trek Into Darkness" only five months away, (!) it seems that the movie's promotional campaign is (finally) kicking into high gear. Director J.J. Abrams famously revealed a few frames of the film on "Conan" a few months back, but that tease amounted to little more than a fleeting glimpse of Spock or whomever standing in front of a giant blast furnace. Now comes this, the first poster for the film.

What can we glean from the promotional one-sheet? Very little, as it turns out. The artfully-incorporated logo is very "Dark Knight"-esque, but the central figure in billowing cloak is too obscured to make out. Is it Kirk? Is it villain Benedict Cumberbatch? Has Khan Noonien Singh come to lay waste to Gotham? And where's all the outer space we've come to expect of our favorite space movies? Is the U.S.S. Enterprise even in this one? It seems we'll have to wait until the film's first nine minutes debut before "The Hobbit" to find out. Until then? Feel free to fill our comments with your best guesses and wildest uninformed speculation. 
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