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Seth MacFarlane to go West in 'Ted' follow-up

Will write, direct, and star in 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'

By Corwin Neuse Dec 3, 2012 11:38PM
It seems like the "comedic western" is the next big thing today. Adam Sandler is reportedly doing one. And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, so is "Ted" and "Family Guy" auteur Seth MacFarlane.

While MacFarlane's new film—tentatively titled "A Million Ways to Die in the West," although wouldn't have "A Million Ways to Die" have been just fine?—ostensibly apes the anything-goes tone of Mel Brooks's classic "Blazing Saddles," it remains to be seen how the dulcet-toned entertainer will shoe-horn in a Broadway-style musical number, as is his wont. Unless he, too—like Cleavon Little's Sheriff Bart before him—decides to break into an impromptu a capella rendition of "I Get A Kick Out Of You." Or "Camptown Races." The plot is said to involve a "romantic female lead," and calls for a humorously realistic depiction of the era's widespread violence, pain, and general degradation.

What do you think, Hitlisters? Ready for a slate of comedic westerns? Remember "Wild Wild West," and how awful that was? Can MacFarlane successfully incorporate his salacious sensibility into such anachronistic material? Does anybody really care about just how violent and painful the late 1800's were? Or should MacFarlane and Co. stick to working on their inevitable sequel to "Ted," and filling up the rest of Fox's prime-time schedule with the animated adventures of various dysfunctional families? As always, let us know in the comments..
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