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Here's The New Poster For 'Titanic 3D'

Yes, this is a real thing that is actually happening.

By Corwin Neuse Nov 15, 2011 8:11PM
For anyone who seriously doubted that James Cameron would risk his considerable artistic reputation by crassly converting his seminal "Titanic" into 3D, here's your definitive proof.

Paramount has released the attached poster, which triumphantly heralds the remastered film's April 6, 2012 release. (Coincidentally—or not—that date will also mark the centennial of the Titanic's fateful maiden voyage.)

While the poster's debut will likely quell any lingering skepticism over the project's existence, several compelling questions remain. Will Cameron have succumbed to any George Lucas-like temptation to tamper with the film, perhaps re-rendering its CGI to improve decades-old FX shots? Will the re-release earn the requisite $160+ million it needs to recapture the title of "most successful movie ever" from Cameron's own "Avatar?" (Domestically speaking, that is. It would need to earn closer to $1 billion worldwide to take back the overall crown. Which isn't very likely.) Will Kate and Leo's fiery chemistry be just as resplendent in 3D as it was in 2D back in 1997? And how much will the conversion process improve the film's most striking sequences?

What do you think, Hitlisters? Approve/disapprove of the project? Excited by the opportunity to share the film with a younger generation? Excited just by the mere opportunity of seeing it again on the big screen where it belongs? What scenes are you looking forward to the most? (The key for us was always James Horner's splendid score, which—sadly? thankfully?—own't be affected by the conversion process at all.) As always, leave your thoughts in the comments!
Nov 16, 2011 10:14AM
Everyone's got to be a critic. I know that Cameron's been working on this for a couple years, it's not just a last minute thing thrown together. I can't wait to see it on the big screen again! It should be spectacular in 3D. If they can make the Lion King look good in 3D, this will be fantastic. Plus, I'm sure the 3D Blu-ray will only be a few weeks behind it. Great! For those of us that love the pure adventure and storytelling of the film, this will be a delight.
Nov 16, 2011 10:43AM
This movie really broke all the records. And why shouldn't it have a chance at doing it again in a new digital era? Sure the graphics used may already be outdated. But if cameron can do what he did with avatar to this epic movie, he should try to break his own record should he not? I think it's worth a shot. Being a true lover of this movie, even having the original 2 VHS set  (gold edition), that means widescreen kiddos. I think this is a love story that should have a chance at being remastered and taking on a new audience as well. Everyone knows what happens in the end, but the story is what he is telling, not the tragedy. I say YES YES YES.
Nov 16, 2011 11:48AM
My Great Great Grandparents were on the TITANIC.. My GG Grandfather did not make it and drowned in the sinking.. his body was never found..My GG Grandmother survived and was in New York.  I'm still doing the research on them, but I would love to see this again..I like the poster...Seeing the remake in 3-D should be interesting!
Nov 16, 2011 10:15AM
I've always been fascinated with the history of Titanic.  How everything was preserved so well under the ocean.  To think that there is this massive ship just sitting under the water waiting for us to discover it.  I loved this movie because it really made the history come to life especially in the second half. You really feel the fear that real people experienced.  I cried when the mother tucked her children into bed trying to not make them afraid as the boat sank knowing that they were going to die.  How sad & terrifying all at the same time.  I for one will DEFINITELY go see it in imax.  I can only imagine how exhilarating the second half will be seeing people fight for their lives in actual life size(if not bigger).  As for the music not being changed, that may technically be true but in imax you can usually almost feel the sound which will make it that much more impacting.
Nov 16, 2011 10:31AM
NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! I am officially checking out of society!!  James Cameron is a sellout of the highest order for allowing this film to be desecrated by a 3D format. I saw Titanic in theaters 8 TIMES in 1997/98.  I have been a student of the history of the Titanic since the third grade.  I have very fond memories of the original release of the movie and it saddens me to no end to see this trend in Hollywood of remaking every movie under the sun and re-releasing movies in the 3D format. Come on people!!  This is not the way to honor the 100th anniversary of a historical tragedy!! 
Nov 16, 2011 11:35AM
Of course I'm going to see it!  Are you all batty?  I saw this movie over and over again (even once at the drive-in) when it first came out and every time I see it on T.V. in a re-run I can't help but turn it on.  Even if they simply re-released it for the big screen without doing anything to it, I would go.  EPIC means EPIC.  It doesn't go away.
Nov 16, 2011 9:33AM
I saw it in 1997 a few times, I highly doubt I will go see it in 3D  at a theatre.
Nov 16, 2011 3:47PM
I loVED TITANIC!!! It's my absolute favorite of all times and I will be front & center at a theater near me when it premiers.... Yea!!!!
Nov 16, 2011 11:32AM
Enjoyed the film & own the video.......but isn't that thing about 3 hrs long?  I'm not sure I could stand wearing those bulky 3D glasses for that length of time. What are those things called anyway....the things that fold out & go back over your ears?  Arms?  Anyway.....does anyone else ever have a problem with those things slicing into the "tender" the top of your ears....right where they connect to the side of your head?  Another problem is losing your peripheral vision while wearing those things.  It's challenging enough trying to juggle my overpriced soda, hot dog & bag of greasy spill-prone popcorn in the darkness as it is.....
Nov 16, 2011 10:20AM
I have always loved 3D and I understand that Samsung now has the technology for 3D without the glasses!! I am 68 years old now; and when I was 8 years old, and my niece (aged 5) and I went to see a 3D movie about Pirates.  We had just had a whiskey keg throwed into our faces when, suddenly, the lights come on and everybody started getting up and walking out; therefore we got up and left the movie.  It was years later that we fround out what the long word on the screen  meant: Intermission. This is a true story.
Nov 16, 2011 11:54AM
Ahem, "Paramount has released the attached poster, which triumphantly heralds the remastered film's April 6, 2012 release. (Coincidentally—or not—that date will also mark the centennial of the Titanic's fateful maiden voyage.)" I would suggest that you get your facts straight. The maiden voyage of the Titanic began on April 10, 1912, NOT April 6. The re-release of this movie will therefore be 4 days before the centennial of her maiden, and final, voyage.

Nov 16, 2011 11:50AM

I love 3-D and I love this movie!!! Can't wait to see it again at the theater.


Nov 16, 2011 10:34AM
Sorry Sad but no. This film was a product of the moment - hardcore fans will go - but  casual movie goers will be looking for something else. But hey, it will be a great date movie - so Cameron could get lucky once again. 
Nov 16, 2011 1:11PM
I would buy a ticket for this, sneak into another movie for the first two hours, and then come back to see the sinking in 3D.  :)


Nov 16, 2011 12:55PM
well, if somone just HAS to mess with a milestone, classic, I suppose it's better that it be the originator rather than someone else intrepreting the originators' intent..... we'll see
Nov 16, 2011 9:47AM
I should be Leo's hand coming up out of the water from the end of the movie... RIGHT AT YOU! 
Nov 16, 2011 12:06PM

Eric Roll:  Well, you are posting on it, so it must be important to you!  Duh!


I have not been to see a movie in a movie theater in years.  Rather catch them at home on my HDTV, but I loved the original and have no problem with the 3D version.  Don't wanna see it....don't frigging go!  Don't have a hissy fit over it!  The world changes.  Remember cassette tapes?  VHS?  Laserdisc?  Doubt if I ever buy a 3D tv, but what the heck....enjoy the new tech stuff!

Nov 16, 2011 12:49PM
How could Winslet posing for her portrait not be better in 3-D?
Nov 16, 2011 11:16AM
Nothing more than a method to pump more money out of a past film.  As much as I hate it I can't fault them for it cause people go to see it.  Personally Im not really sure what 3D can bring to this movie to make it better.
Nov 16, 2011 4:12PM

I loved the movie!  Everything except the old woman, especially at the end when she threw that huge stone off the back of the boat, when her family could have profited with the money from selling it!  Stupid, stupid!  I have to turn the movie off before the end. Oh and I can't STAND Celine Dion now!

3D will be fun!

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