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MSN Exclusive: New photo from "The Hobbit"

The third released image of the dwarves from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

By David Seno Jul 12, 2011 10:53AM
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Dean O'Gorman as Fili and Aidan Turner as Kili in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

Two of the youngest Dwarves, Fili and Kili have been born into the royal line of Durin and raised under the stern guardianship of their uncle, Thorin Oakensheild. Neither has ever travelled far, nor ever seen the fabled Dwarf City of Erebor. For both, the journey to the Lonely Mountain represents adventure and excitement. Skilled fighters, both brothers set off on their adventure armed with the invincible courage of youth, neither being able to imagine the fate which lies before them.
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Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

These three brothers, all sons of the same mother, could not be more different from each other. Dori, the oldest, spends much of his time watching out for Ori, the youngest; making sure he’s not caught a chill or got himself killed by Wargs or Goblins. Nobody quite knows what Nori gets up to most of the time, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably, illegal. Dori, Nori and Ori are intensely loyal to each other – and whilst they are perfectly happy fighting amongst themselves, woe-betide anyone who means harm to one of these brothers.








































John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

Distant cousins of Thorin Oakenshield, these two doughty, Northern Dwarves join the Company out of a sense of loyalty to their kin, and also because they have a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Along with Bombur, Gloin is the only other married Dwarf in the Company (there being a shortage of female dwarves in general). His wife is an acclaimed beauty with a particularly fine beard. Gloin is the proud father of a young son, Gimli, who will go on to become part of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.

Jul 12, 2011 6:12PM
To everyone complaining about their lack of beards and whatnot, the Dwarves of the Tolkien-universe were never really described in detail, and the ones who were (other than Gimli) were described as having multi-coloured beards. It is described in The Silmarillion that Dwarves grew thick luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts, but this could quite easily happen as they age, and as Dwarvesof the Tolkien-universe have much longer lifespans than that of humans, it is reasonable to assume that they age physically in a slower manner. Their original creation was, in fact, based on the First Born (though Aule only had a vague idea of what the First Born would look like), so it is also reasonable to assume that they could be similar in appearance to the Elves, though shorter and stockier, again, something that could develop with age.

Personally, I think these Dwarves are excellent interpretations, given as how Dwarves with blue, yellow and other-brightly-coloured beards wouldn't fit into Jackson's darker Middle Earth, and I assume he's trying to fit the two works (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) together as seamlessly as possible.

It's also given that Kili and Fili are the youngest of the thirteen Dwarves who take on the adventure with Bilbo, so it is reasonable (I use that word a lot, don't I? o.o) to assume that they would not have developed physically as other Dwarves have, in the manner of beards and whatnot.
Jul 12, 2011 9:39PM
I also agree with Rieru... There are many different types of Dwarves, each descended from the seven fathers of the Dwarves.  The House of Durin were called the Longbeards, and that's where Thorin, Gloin, and Gimli, come from, so they are the ones that most people associate with the Dwarves because they're the most familiar.  But it makes sense that Dwarves from the other houses would have their own physical look and design style.

Fili and Kili would look different from the older Dwarves like Thorin... They're much younger.  A young adult male human looks distinctly different from a middle-aged one or old one.  I like their design, and I have a feeling that Aidan Turner's going to end up being a Dwarvish heartthrob... lol.

I also like the family resemblance built into Gloin and Oin to Gimli.
Jul 13, 2011 1:04AM
13 individual dwarves would look silly if they all looked like Gimli. I am a huge dwarf fan btw. Dwarf books and all dwarf wow toons, you name it. The lack of beards was disturbing, but they still look great and it sets them apart by age. I might have given Fili at least a dwarven soul patch, but eh, I am just glad this movie is actually going to happen.
Jul 12, 2011 10:46PM
Love all the different styles! They all look great!
Jul 12, 2011 12:53PM
Fili and Kili look more like Elves. Oh the shame of it all. Other than that looks good so far.

Jul 12, 2011 8:45PM
I agree with Rieru On all accounts. These Dwarves look awesome! These costumes are great, and I am very excited to see these movies!
Jul 15, 2011 1:48PM
@Toad Girl, given that Gimli was the only dwarf in LOTR to do anything of note and that he only wielded axes then how can we be sure at all what Dwarf swords "should" look like. I think the swords look very fitting of Dwarves, a bit jagged and unrefined. Remember Elven swords look very different to those of men as well I think PJ is attempting to give them their own style and as far as I can see it is working very well, can't wait for this film.
Jul 12, 2011 1:04PM
ever seen a dwarf ? ever listen to led zepplin on 78 speed? you might see a dwarf or elves or ents
Jul 13, 2011 4:02PM
This will probably get me gunned down in flames by the Hobbit purists but I'm glad Kili doesn't look like Gimli but that could be because Aidan Turner gives me heart failure just looking at him!  These photos have been Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives but he does in fact have a full beard, but it's actually grown on his face rather than a fake one.  In the initial cast photos he had a massive thick beard.

He does look like he's ready to tear someones head off with his bare hands too but then again in one of the interviews he did on Being Human he said friends would ask him what was wrong and he said nothing it's just his face!  He just has intense eyebrows :)

Jul 13, 2011 10:41PM
Jul 13, 2011 3:10AM
I like that the axe Glóin is wielding is similar or identical to the one found by Gimli in Moria in LotR. Maybe Glóin gave Balin a farewell gift when he departed to reclaim Khazad-dum? :)
Jul 13, 2011 10:46AM
ok i need address a couple of things. because i maybe in middle earth.
maridian13: filli and killi are part evlish so they may look a bit like elves
whin: golin weapons are gimli's. in moria gimli found a doubled headed axe. that is           the only weapon he found. the others are from his father
rieru; i think your exactly right about the beards. 

Jul 13, 2011 10:34PM

did turin help androg? or was mim the master?Khim! Khim!Khim!








Jul 13, 2011 11:00AM
omg these pictures from the Hobbit are making me feel so impatient and after that last video blog PJ did i was so assured because he looked so relaxed. i am too excited for words for the HOBBIT babayOpen-mouthed
Jul 12, 2011 12:33PM
The first couple do not look life a dwarf at all.
Jul 12, 2011 4:36PM
Where are their beards?! These are not dwarf beards!!!  :(
Oin & Gloin are the only 2 that look dwarvish, IMHO.
Nov 27, 2011 7:32PM
Say what? Fili and Kili both had yellow beards. What's with one of them having dark hair, taller and not looking remotely related to the other? I love Fili and Kili, so this is a little weird. Though, I'm not complaining about their looks or any of their looks. This is is a great improvement. They butchered Gimli in LotR by trying to make him look excessively ugly. Yes, Elves thought they were unlovely, but come on, that's elves for you. That doesn't mean they literally were ugly.
Jul 13, 2011 8:03PM
i wonder if sir Ian Mckellan will reprise his role of gandalf? I'm glad they are finally starting to do something about the movie, I just hope Peter Jackson doesn't over stretch it by making it into 2 parts, the book itself could be made into a three and a half hour movie.
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