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Warner Bros. to produce 'Boston Strangler' for Casey Affleck

Ben's little bro looks to produce and/or star in the thriller

By Corwin Neuse Dec 5, 2012 9:40PM
During the early 1960's, a serial killer—or killers?—terrorized the greater Boston area, gruesomely murdering some 13-odd women. While the deaths were eventually pinned on a one Albert DeSalvo—who was locked up for unrelated crimes—a certain amount of skepticism remains, even to this day, that he was the (sole) perpetrator. Were others involved? Was DeSalvo merely a cog in some grander, more sinister conspiracy?

Such is the background of "Boston Strangler," a thriller pitch recently picked up by Warner Bros. The movie would ostensibly follow an ambitious detective—aren't they all?—who risks his career and reputation, if not his life, in pursuit of the killer. Casey Affleck plans to executive produce the film, and has designs to star as well. Could this be his "Argo," a critical and commercial break-out that cements his place as a titan of the industry? Or is it more likely to become a perennial late-night favorite on TNT? More details as they become available...

[via Deadline]
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