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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to play Hercules for Brett Ratner

The headline that fills us with disgust

By Corwin Neuse Nov 8, 2012 12:12PM
We generally really like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He's not a bad actor, for a former professional actor. (Wait, what are we saying? Professional wrestling is acting! For the most part. So the fact that he's not bad at it... Shouldn't be much of a surprise.) In fact, of all former wrestlers-turned-actors, he might be the best. Actually, let's modify that statement: of all former professional athletes turned actors, he might be the best. Plus he's funny and has an undeniable natural charisma.

On the other hand, asides from the original "Rush Hour," Brett Ratner hasn't really made what we—or anybody else—would call an actually good movie. His presence behind the scenes on a project is usually enough to fill us with disgust, contempt, and a certain hopelessness for the future of humanity. So how are we to take today's news, courtesy of Deadline, that Ratner will direct Johnson in an adaptation of Radical Studios’ graphic novel "Hercules: The Thracian Wars?"

What do you think, Hitlisters? Is Johnson a natural for the role? (Yes.) Will Ratner somehow find a way to ruin the movie, like with some hastily done post-production 3D conversion? (Probably.) And who is the best former pro-athlete turned actor? Jim Brown? Carl Weathers? Vinnie Jones? Your top 10 lists, now, in the comments...
Nov 9, 2012 12:24AM
Dwayne  Johnson is terrific in anything he does. Besides being a great guy, he is a natural for a wide variety of roles as an actor. He has the ability to be very funny or very serious depending on whatever he is enlisted to do. My wife and I enjoy experiencing his talents and plan to see the movie when it's released. Go Dwayne!
Nov 8, 2012 7:24PM
he would have been a better conan , no love for Fred Dwyer? ( hunter )
Nov 9, 2012 12:38AM
Oops, I forgot my list... I can't think of 10

1. Dwayne Johnson
2. Chuck Connors
3. John Amos
4. Chuck Norris
5. Bruce Lee
6. Jackie Chan (got better as time went on)
7. Johnnie Weissmuller
Nov 8, 2012 11:59PM
Well Idid learn how to make a stew and be an actor from Carl Weathers...
Nov 9, 2012 12:52AM
Thanks Arn. I see you liked Chuck Connors also :-)
Nov 9, 2012 12:43AM

@colman -


Best list on here, good job.

Nov 8, 2012 9:03PM

@Alex Perez


 - Jason Lee? So Skateboarders are athletes? I think we're stretching the line a bit there...


Chuck Conners is definetly #1

Nov 8, 2012 11:33PM
Man, is there anybody editing these things before they hit the wire? Some glaring grammatical errors here...
Nov 8, 2012 9:49PM

1. Larry "Buster" Crabbe (Olympic Gold Medal) as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Tarzan 

2. Herman Brix aka Bruce Bennett (Olympic Gold Medal) as 1st intelligent Tarzan and many starring & supporting roles

3. Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic Gold Medal) as Tarzan & Jungle Jim

4. Rafer Johnson (Olympic Gold Medal) in many roles

5. Mike Henry (football) as Tarzan in the 1960's & Smokey & Bandit films

6. Jim Brown (football ) for Dirty Dozen and many starring roles

7. Bob Uecker (baseball) for commercials, Mr. Belvedere, supporting roles & as himself

8. Chuck Connors (baseball) for Rifleman & Branded

9. Eleanor Holm (Olymic Gold Medal) for her starring & supporting roles

10. Alex Karras (football) for Mongo in Blazing Saddles, Paper Lion, Webster, & more

Nov 8, 2012 7:37PM

1) John Amos

2) Ed O'Neil

3) Carl Weathers

4) Bernie Casey

5) Merlin Olsen


Bottom 5:


5) Jim Brown

4) Kurt "Gymkata" Thomas

3) Bubba Smith

2) Brian Bosworth

1)  Carl "Get My Money" Lewis (youtube it, trust me)

Nov 9, 2012 9:30AM
O.J. SImpson... But not in the Naked Gun Flicks, in the trial of the century.
Nov 8, 2012 6:43PM



1. HaHa....What were you thinking?

2. Better but not much

3. For a trained monkey faced wanna be he's not to bad

4. Should have stayed in wrestling.....Hollywood killed him

5. Don't even get me started!!

6. Sure I'll buy that......If you like monotonous variations of the same theme


For my money, with the exception of The Rock,  pro athletes should stick with sports


Nov 8, 2012 6:03PM

Can’t think of 10 but…

1.       Alex Karras

2.       Fred Williamson

3.       Chuck Norris

4.       Andre The Giant

5.       O.J. Simpson

6.       Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nov 8, 2012 7:41PM
Umm, I'm not what you'd call a Brett Ratner fan, but Red Dragon was a legitimately good movie.

I wouldn't list The Rock as #1, but he's easily #2. Jason Lee is the best former professional athlete turned actor.
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