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Interview: Kristen Stewart of 'Breaking Dawn: Bart 2'

'I don't want it to be over ...'

By James Rocchi Nov 16, 2012 7:22PM

Sitting and speaking -- for far from the last time -- about the "Twilight" series and "Breaking Dawn -- Part Two," Kristin Stewart still moves with the messy energy of real life. Her work as Bella Swan has paid at the Box Office and in the less-tangible way that our pop canon is created by fans and aficionados; we spoke with her in Los Angeles about action acting, the big finish and the challenges of literally seeing the world from a vampire's point of view.

MSN Movies: After the big transformation that kicks off this film -- a moment fans have been waiting for -- was it nice to get into the thick of it? To do the action, the physical things that the other films hadn't called on you to do?

Kristen Stewart: Yes. There was a lot of physical stuff in the first three (films), but it was all very perilous. It was desperate running, or taking a hit; being able to throw a few punches ... was pretty satisfying.

Well, yes; it's not as if Bella sits in the first three films in a chair. There's a lot of fleeing, a lot of peril ...

Yeah, she's much more on the offensive -- which is fun.

And fun doing the fight choreography for the climactic end scene?

Yeah, it was really cool; the funny things is, (Bella's) fighting style is so instinctual; it's not like suddenly she becomes this great fighter; everything's about swiping. It's literally like a cat or something. It was fun.

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Did this film, and your character's transformation, give you an appreciation for the make-up the actors playing the Cullens have to go through? That vampire paleness and immortally flawless skin?

(Laughs) Yeah, we're really flawless. It definitely is something to get used to ... which I don't think ever happened for anybody. I think the biggest thing is the contacts; I feel quite hidden behind them, and all you try to do as an actor is not hide; you can't really see through them ... I mean, I wore contacts throughout the whole series, but the orange ones, the red ones, the amber ones ... It's like tunnel vision; you can't really see anything.

And a different perception of light ...

It's pretty dim.

Was it nice for you to read this script and go "Everything comes together and gets closed out in a way that will make people who loved the movies and the books separately happy ..."? Do you feel there's a level of finality to this where fans will be able to go "Thanks; we got this ..."?

Right: "We got the right hit." I think so; we do switch up the end a bit, and we've been so faithful to every detail of the books thus far. I still find that it is in keeping with the book, it's just ... slightly more elaborated on. And I think -- even being somebody on the inside of it, having seen it a couple times -- it is so shocking, the end of it, I think ...the end is shocking and then there's like this little twist of the knife for people that don't want it to be over ... it's pretty satisfying. I think anybody that's not happily anticipating the end ... I mean, I don't want it to be over. It's not like I'm "Okay, I'm cool, now; I'm done. I'd like to walk away."  It still teases you a little bit ... which I think is good.

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