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David Yates to direct 'Tarzan' for Warner Bros

Because of course he will

By Corwin Neuse Nov 8, 2012 11:13AM
It's well known that, given its way, Warner Bros. would only employ three or four high profile directors: "The Dark Knight's" Christopher Nolan; "The Hobbit's" Peter Jackson;  the, uh, other guy, whose name we're conveniently forgetting; and, of course, "Harry Potter" director David Yates, whose efforts have earned the studio literally billions upon billions of dollars. It seems like every new project Warner Bros. picks up is invariably linked to one of them at some point or another in its development. Of course, being in such high demand allows said directors the enviable luxury of being extraordinarily picky with the projects they actually choose. So what's next for Mr. Yates? According to Vulture, a reboot of Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Tarzan."

Why reboot "Tarzan?" Considering that the Burroughs-inspired "John Carter" recently became one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history, now would seem an inopportune time to seize upon his other well-known property, especially given the thematic similarities between the two projects. And the fact that they both center around bland beefcakes who spend most of the story shirtless. But who are we to question the wisdom of Hollywood pencil pushers? There must be something about the idea of a shirtless up-and-comer—like, say, Taylor Kitsch?—swinging through the jungle in crisp, digital 3D that sets accountants' and stockholders' hearts aflutter.

Despite our misgivings about the project, Yates at least seems like a natural fit. He proved with the latter "Harry Potter" movies that he can successfully balance a certain darkness of tone with family friendliness, qualities that should serve him well here. And we haven't even mentioned his panache for insanely expensive special effects or huge action set-pieces. Does the world really want a new "Tarzan" movie? And who will/should Warner Bros. seek to play the vine-swinging hero? Only time will tell. More details as they become available...
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