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Videodrone New Release: 'Skyfall'

Daniel Craig takes 007 back to the beginning in Bond 23

By SeanAx Feb 12, 2013 10:54AM

"Skyfall" (Fox), the 23rd official Bond movie, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD just days after taking home BAFTA awards (the British equivalent of the Oscar) for Best British Picture and Best Score (the first Bond to win a BAFTA since "From Russia With Love") and the American Society of Cinematographer's award for Outstanding Cinematography (to Roger Deakins) in a Theatrical Release.


That's pretty much the final garland in the crown of the film many are calling the best Bond ever. I'm not part of that chorus, but I understand the praise. It's a terrific Bond by any measure, smart and sinewy, filled with memorable action and inventive set pieces, and a significant improvement over the previous film.


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"Skyfall" attempts to make 007 more man than number as it works through some of Bond's issues (James Bond has issues?) while he grudgingly returns to her majesty's secret service when a conspiracy targets M and MI-5. It takes itself awfully seriously while doing some pretty crazy things and I don't find the Bond mythos necessarily enriched by backstory.


But Daniel Craig is a tough, roughed-up Bond with as much working class sand as high society style, a little too cold-blooded this time out (even Connery showed a little pang of responsibility when one of this lovers died on the course of an assignment), and stripping the film of gadgets for the bare-knuckle and booby-trap finale works very nicely. And don't forget a great Bond theme song by Adele, a flashback to the great sixties bluesy-brassy themes, and credits sequence, a necessary ritual in every cinematic offering.

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