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Introducing the RT01 TRANSPORT

For the interstellar explorer who needs to stretch their legs after a long trip in "Prometheus"

By Noah Walden Apr 13, 2012 11:00AM

Exclusive offer from Weyland Industries and MSN Movies: the RT01 TRANSPORT, the preferred surface transport of the crew of Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" (launching June 8th). Comes with all the bells and whistles you could ask for when you're on the desolate surface of a newly-discovered planet in a distant solar system: Integrated Bio-Nomic Telecom Unit, Reinforced Touchscreen Blast-Shield, Carbon Matter Sensors, you name it. No mission to find the origin of mankind is complete without the smooth Split Axle Suspension of the the RT01, and your crew will feel marginally protected behind the Titanium-Alloy Coated Armor of the vehicle.

Are these the wheels you're looking for? Learn more at


Note: Charlize Theron not included.

Apr 13, 2012 12:01PM
Should that read "Satellite linked Maintenance"? Maybe the RT01 mk2 can come with a spell checker.
Apr 14, 2012 1:24PM

If you think about it, this movie is about an exploration of the planet by Weyland... So they send in their best troops, best equipment, and best of everything else for this highly specialized and high profile venture.

Meanwhile, the events on the first movie was just about a towing ship who happened to have come close to the planet was required to check out the signal from the planet... On the second one, they had some grunts sent to the planet because the colonist on the planet went out of touch... and again, Weyland already knows what they will face but didn't want to spend much on it anymore and would rather sacrifice the grunt to do the job. While on the third one, it was an accident that they crashed on a desolate prison in the middle of nowhere....

I think it's fair enough, that even if this was supposed to happen before the first two films, for Prometheus to look much more high tech since Weyland supposedly spent so much money and invested so much for this venture unlike the other ones from the first films...
Apr 13, 2012 12:07PM
Something tells me that  "reinforced blast shield" will be insta-shattered by an alien mouth. 

Apr 22, 2012 9:26PM



I think we have to allow the filmmakers some latitude when it comes to something like this. Our technology is advancing fast. In many cases, we have no idea what tech will look like in 20 years... let alone 100+. So, I think, as a movie maker, you do your best (in 1979) to make a futuristic movie with what you have (and within a budget). Ridley Scott probably had no idea when he made Alien that he would be back for more... nor would I suspect he ever considered going backwards in time from the original when he did it. Now, more than 30 years after Alien was made, we have made leaps and bounds in technology and our concept of what future tech might look like. I think it would have been more absurd to use 4 color CRT screens and fat bulky keyed keyboards in a futuristic movie made today when any of us could go right now and buy a more high tech looking keyboard and a flat screen monitor at Walmart for $150 or so. And to do it to merely have some goofy notion of continuity that really isn't all that important to the stories of either movie. I think most of us like the shiny... heh Wow us with the imaginative visuals and gadgets.


To wrap up my point here, we as film goers and sci-fi fans have to allow the suspension of disbelief and go with the flow when it comes to tech in movies. Me personally, I usually just pretend that the tech in the newer (yet retro) movie was used in the original. Sort of hit the reset button on it in my mind. It is probably a safe bet to say if he were making the original Alien today, it would have all of this stuff in it. Just use your imagination and make it happen. :)

May 7, 2012 5:14PM
This reminds me of Gerry Anderson's SHADO1 from UFO!....nice!
Apr 13, 2012 12:12PM
These remind me of the drawings of things I used to do as a kid, where I would label all of the things I thought were "key" like "hatch" and "door".

If I were in the market for this piece of equipment, these probably aren't the things I want to know about.
Apr 26, 2012 6:50PM

looks very good,you cannot compare this movie with aliens.

however aliens is still very good.

I,m really looking forward to see this movie

Apr 13, 2012 12:00PM
I guess it'll do in a pinch, but how is it off road?
Jul 10, 2012 1:22PM
OMFg i seen this today in London in kilburn
May 24, 2012 9:45PM
sweet i want one can i have it in black
Apr 13, 2012 9:55PM
I know a lot folks have been saying this come the technology looks more high tech in this films teasers and pics than the first two Alien films that are set even further in the future.Yeah,ok,the excuses I'm hearing about the first Alien film having less high tech looking gear is because they were space truckers.Ok,I'll buy that,but this vehicle surpasses the marine vehicle in Aliens in terms of technology(touch screens?)
 It looks cool and I know this is gonna be a fantastic movie but I personally think they copped out with the films technology looking so high tech compared to the other films.Maybe its what they thought current Sci Fi movie fans expect to see.It probably would have been more daring to use more retro looking technology.
 I dunno,maybe I'm jumping the pulse rifle :) I'm sure the movie is going to be good.
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