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'Flight of the Navigator' remake in the works

Part of Hollywood's "No Portion of Your Childhood Left Behind" program

By William Goss Nov 30, 2012 1:35PM
I'll give Colin Trevorrow due credit for his PR savvy. The director of last summer's indie sci-fi romance, "Safety Not Guaranteed," has been tied to rumors of taking on "Star Wars: Episode VII," yet played it coy as to whether or not there was any actual merit to them. Now, there is actual news to report: according to Variety, he and "Safety" writer Derek Connolly have signed on to update the 1986 Disney film, "Flight of the Navigator," with Trevorrow potentially directing the project.

In the original, a young boy re-appears to his family after an eight-year disappearance without having aged a day or perceived any passage of time, and a newly crashed spaceship has something to do with it. At the very least, we can expect the spaceship to look super-snazzy (and who wants to take bets on a 3-D release?).

By my calculation, that only leaves "The Last Starfighter" as the last film remaining before the '80s have been entirely remade.
Nov 30, 2012 9:45PM
Terrible news. I'm tired of all of these remakes, especially for the ones that I grew up with. Flight of the Navigator is a childhood favorite of mine that, once I found it on DVD, it immediately became part of my collection. I know that remakes have been part of Hollywood for quite a long time, but over the last 5 years or so they've gone completely overboard. Rather than try to come up with a new idea, they take an old idea, change half of it and slap on the old name. This is getting very ridiculous.
Dec 1, 2012 12:34AM
They remake movies we all remember fondly, to try and make a fast buck, and because Hollywood is out of ideas, and won't let any new ideas in.
Dec 1, 2012 12:40AM
could do The Explorers. the Goonies, Revenge of the Nerds, D.A.R.R.Y.L, Weird Science, My Science Project, The Manhattan Project, Frikkin howabout Over The Edge!?  great teen angst movie, kids lock the adults in the school, and destroy the town until neighboring police send help.  Great movie.
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