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Is this new 'Hangover, Part III' poster some kind of joke?

Yes, in more ways than one

By Corwin Neuse Mar 7, 2013 9:04AM
This would have been funnier if "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" had come out more recently than two years ago, and was still at least somewhat in the public consciousness.

Warner Bros., the studio behind the aforementioned "Potter" series and its inarguable comedic equivalent, "The Hangover" trilogy, has just released the accompanying image as the first poster for "The Hangover, Part III." What does the poster portend? Besides Zach Galifinakis and Ken Jeong fighting for the future of wizard- and humankind? And potentially destroying Las Vegas in the process? More stale jokes about drug use, animal abuse, and dated pop culture references? Probably.

What do you think, Hitlisters? Is this poster, positing Galifinakis as Potter, and Jeong as Voldemort, funny? Or is it more "funny?" Does the "Hangover" trilogy deserve our scorn—and the possible joke we were going to make about this lame visual pun being the best joke in the series—or do the films have hidden depths, and are we somehow missing something? Check out the relevant "Harry Potter" poster below, and let us know in the comments...

Mar 7, 2013 1:27PM
oh but you still remember. quit whinning and just do one of two things, see the movie or don't see the movie
Mar 7, 2013 3:13PM
Love these movies, love these guys,.....just a harmless good time at the movies - get over it ye who must criticise......will definitley go see!
Mar 7, 2013 4:38PM

Just laugh.  Why do people feel the need to analyze everything?


Mar 7, 2013 4:40PM
If you don't like the Hangover movies, don't see them.  Easy.  But thanks for letting us know how intellectually above it all you are, Corwin Neuse.  Do you get paid for these articles?

Mar 7, 2013 11:19AM
Funny, and glad it's finally coming to an end :-D
Mar 7, 2013 5:17PM
I like the Hangover 3 poster. And nope, Harry Potter never came to mind. But I do find the HO3 poster funny. I doubt they will do something so bad as to destroy a city or the world as we know, but that would be a great way to end the franchise. I could see them on a roof top watching the city below being blown up by a gas malfunction or aliens or whatever they did wrong. Then Zach G would say to his wolf pack, "Guys, I really hope I am dreaming and I am going to wake up with a hangover". Fade to black and go to credits. It'd be one crazy way to end a crazy trilogy. 
Mar 7, 2013 7:02PM
Take Harry Potters wand out of your piehole and calm the F down Corwin Neuse, its just a movie poster
Mar 7, 2013 4:50PM
I would just like to say that Harry Potter is still very much in the public consciousness ;)
Mar 7, 2013 7:08PM
It appears at least one writer has some unhealthy hatred for a certain movie trilogy... 
Mar 8, 2013 1:39AM

Oops, I thought it was from "Enemy Mine".


Mar 7, 2013 8:44PM
Well the joke was lost on me. I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies or paid attention to the posters and didn't realize it was a parody of Harry Potter.
Mar 8, 2013 1:18AM
Too funny .. this person caling themselves a journalist (on any level) that is.  Has this person just woken up and crawled out of it's cocoon?  Is this really the first time they have seen a movie poster with teo people facing each other with the movie's 'big scene' in the background and words to the effect of 'end all'?
Mar 7, 2013 6:28PM
If you have to analyze the poster, the movie must not carry much weight.  And pretty much anything that has Zack G. in it needs carrying in the first place.
Mar 7, 2013 4:16PM
Part 2 sucked big time and I am pretty sure 3 will be the same. Same jokes from the first one yet again rehashed in a new place for the third just like the second. And I dont think Harry Potter was the first movie to use that style of poster. Anyway super suck fest. Seen one hangover you seen them all.
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