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Videodrone B-Sides for October: Steven Seagal in 'Maximum Conviction' and more

Our monthly round-up of direct-to-disc and made-for-cable pictures that slip on to the New Release racks

By SeanAx Nov 3, 2012 11:53AM

Consider this part two of the October wrap, following up the Halloween Horror Edition from earlier this week (featuring, among other titles, "Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" and "Greystone Park"). And yes, there's plenty more horror in this installment, but can any of those low-budget, direct-to-disc thrillers top the sheer horror of Steven Seagal's presence in a yet another cheapjack action film?


"Maximum Conviction" (Anchor Bay) continues Steven Seagal's dominance of the direct-to-disc action film, this one teaming him up with WWE star Steve Austin and sending them into a high security military prison, where they take on escaped convicts and a rival mercenary team. This one, directed by Seagal regular collaborator Keoni Waxman, is available on Blu-ray and DVD. Reviews here.



"247˚ F" (Anchor Bay), produced in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, adds a new twist to the claustrophobic horror genre: these kids are locked in a sauna in an isolated cabin where t he heat is turned all the way up. Scout Taylor-Compton, Christina Ulloa, and Tyler Mane star. Blu-ray and DVD. Reviews here.


"The Cottage" (eOne) stars David Arquette as a reclusive writer who rents a cottage in the back yard of a young family, and then unleashes the killer lurking behind the quiet exterior. You know, like they always do. Reviews here.


"After Dusk They Come" (Lionsgate) sends a group of vacationers on a luxury yacht  to a tropical island filled  with cannibalistic beasts. Oops, wrong island! Jewel State (of "Firefly") is the closest this one has to a star in the cast. Originally released under the title "The Forgotten Ones." Reviews here.

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