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Check out the first trailer for 'Upside Down'

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By Corwin Neuse Jan 28, 2013 8:41PM
Let's try to imagine the pitch for "Upside Down," the confusing new sci-fi/romance thing starring Jim "Across the Universe" Sturgess and Kirsten "Spider-Man" Dunst: 

"So the story is about two star-crossed lovers from different worlds!" begins "visionary director" Juan Diego Solanas, whom nobody remembers from anything. 

"You mean metaphorically speaking?" asks the bemused studio executive. "Like in 'Romeo & Juliet?'"

"No!" says Solanas, "Literally! One is rich, the other poor, and in one, up is down, the other, down is up."

"You mean metaphorically," asserts the increasingly alarmed, bewildered studio exec.

"No! Literally! There are like, two planets right next to each other, joined by bridges and buildings and ropes and stuff, like on that one episode of 'Pinky and the Brain,' 'It's Only A Paper World?'"

"And who'd you have in mind to star?" interjects the marketing guru, while the studio head sobs pitifully into his hands.

"James McAvoy and Emma Stone?"

"Hmmm," the marketing maven mulls it over, then smiles maliciously. "How about Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst?"

"Who?" asks Solanas, and now it's his turn to be taken aback.

As confused as we are? Check out the trailer, posted after the break, and let us know in the comments...

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