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Daft Men? Mad Punk?

Two great tastes meet in Daft Punk-Mad Men mash-up

By percy thrillington May 24, 2013 3:01PM
Last week's "Mad Men" episode, in which the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Price were visited by the speedy syringe of a doctor feelgood, was one of the best and most troubling of the season—not least the scene in which Ken Cosgrove did a frenetic impromptu soft shoe. Now, some internet whiz has paired the dance with a snippet of Daft Punk music ("Doin' It Right," featuring Panda Bear, from "Random Access Memories," to be precise), thus combining two of the moment's most popular cultural signifiers in one brief video clip—better watch it before it gets the yank, if only to whet your appetite for Sunday's episode.