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Vampire Weekend: Saadest story every told

Guaranteed to make you Saab

By Mark C. Brown Mar 28, 2013 6:29PM
Saab story                       Those aren't raindrops. They're the tears of angels.

It always warms the heart when someone finally speaks up for the helpless -- those who are sacrificed to the gods of commerce without a voice. The whales, the dolphins, the rhinos.

And, of course, the beat-up old Saabs.

Oh wait -- the Saabs do have a voice to speak up for them. Mainly a bunch of Saab enthusiasts who have managed to muster outrage at the latest video from Vampire Weekend where two old beat-up overpriced cars go up in flames. In sickening slow motion, no less. Be sure the children are out of the room before you watch.

Never mind that there might be something else about the song to object to -- say, the title "Diane Young" (say it out loud slowly) or the fact that it has the line "you have the luck of a Kennedy."

No, the cars are the victims here, as are those who devote their lives to rescue efforts.

But not to worry -- Vampire Weekend has quickly repented and offered their sincere apologies, as if they got caught driving drunk while texting and clubbing a baby seal with one hand while eating a veal chop with the other. I'm not sure how that's possible with just two hands, but their mea culpa is epic.

"I want people to understand that we do respect cars," Ezra Koenig said in an interview with Spinner, presumably with a straight face. Besides, he added, it was almost a mercy killing. "From what I understand those old ones actually had a lot of electrical problems."

Let's just pray that the senseless slaughter of innocents stops now. Watch the below video only if you're strong of mind and stomach. Oh, the non-humanity!

Mar 29, 2013 6:42PM

Why did I waste my time on this? Seriously. What was the bloody point of two minutes forty-four seconds of watching crappy cars burn? I had to Google " Vampire Weekend" to find it was just another lame-**** "band".


Sucks. Good god. Move over, Professor have company.

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