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Allman Brothers whip it good - and you can hear them here

Historic performances and outtakes on new 'Brothers and Sisters' reissue

By Mark C. Brown Jul 19, 2013 1:31PM
Allman BrosIt's never a bad time to be a fan of the Allman Brothers, but one would have to argue that the past year has  been a pretty good one. Gregg Allman's autobiography was compelling and will soon be a major motion picture.

And now fans get a dazzling reissue of "Brothers and Sisters," full of previously unheard music and a fine remastering. The 1973 album was a real turning point for the band; the death of Duane Allman had changed the band forever. "Eat a Peach" came out in '72, several months after Allman's death and still featured his guitar playing. But "Brothers and Sisters" is where the band had to carry on without him.

They did so in an epic way, with classic cuts such as "Ramblin' Man" and "Jessica" charting out a new course in the band's history.

The live shows had to evolve as well, and they brought the band to new heights. Check out "Whipping Post," live from an unreleased Winterland performance in '73 - all 15 minutes worth.

The two-disc set contains the remastered album along with some jams and outtakes from '72 and '73, including "One Way Out" and "Southbound." True fans, however, are going to go for the four-disc super-deluxe set that adds the 16-song Winterland concert sampled above. And, of course there's always vinyl; all formats are in stores now.
Super deluxe

Apr 14, 2014 10:18PM
Never was the same after Duane died.  Betts tried but not close.Those old memories can never be repeated unless coming across a genuine CD with Duane playing;or a miraculously hidden LP from a vault.When Duane played with Clapton one couldn't tell who was who unless in the actual studio.He was that good. Very good memories from mid teen years.
Jul 24, 2013 12:16PM

Wow!   Toooooooo cool.  I'm absolutely in total love with the Allman Bros, and have been since I first heard Duane play'n w/ Clapton..back in the late 60's early 70's.  So saddddddd to share all their sorrows as well.  I will forever be greatful to The Allman Brother's Band.   They are the reason I became a guitarist and still play today 45 years later.

Being a women in a man's field back then..many women didn't play the I was forever blessed by the music they so enlightened me with.  All of it.  The solo stuff also..loved Layed Back Gregg..brought me to tears.  I love allllll sorts of music, but because of these folk's they shaped my life forever.  I cannot thank them enough, all of them, even the ones that have passed.  They have in me, a relentless, dedicated, loving soul, that will have them all in my total spirit/being.

I think Whipping Post was one of my first songs I learned to play.  It lasted a half I remember distinctly learning Sweet Melissa...I, sat right next to the turn table and placed the arm of the needle over and over and over again on Sweet Melissa...a total exactly of 24 times..( I remember this to this day) and I had that song down pact.  Love it!  Even went on to name my daughter Melisa..w/ 1 to be different..that's how it was back if your reading this..I'm sending alllllllll my musical  love amd I hope you all can feeeeeeel it...also sending my biggest heartfelt thank you for your music!!  Hardly can find big enough word's to express my gratitude..oxoxoxox's  Nanci

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