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Bruce Springsteen debuting new music on 'The Good Wife'

His new album will stream on CBS's website on Jan. 5

By MSN Music Partners Jan 2, 2014 1:00PM

By Andy Greene
Rolling Stone


A little over a week after Amazon accidentally sold Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album "High Hopes" on their mobile site, CBS will offer a complete stream of the LP on their official website. It's part of a promotional tie-in with the legal drama "The Good Wife," which will incorporate the new tracks "High Hopes," "Hunter of Invisible Game" and a rerecorded "The Ghost of Tom Joad" into a January 12th episode. They will begin hosting the stream at 7 p.m. on January 5th, shortly before a preview runs for the episode with the Springsteen music.


"We love using music in 'The Good Wife,' and we always have the music inform the action and the cutting," said Robert King and Michelle King, executive producers and creators of "The Good Wife," in a press release. "So when the Bruce Springsteen songs became available, we couldn't believe our luck.  We wished we could use the whole album."


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According to the release, the episode of "The Good Wife" will be entitled "We, the Juries." According to a statement, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles) "each represents one half of a couple accused of smuggling drugs, but the courtroom becomes mired in confusion and legal technicalities when they insist on separate juries for each client."  


The album will be released on January 14th, but due to the Amazon snafu, many fans already have it. The album is a mixture of cover songs, newly recorded versions of previously released tracks and material cut from Springsteen's past few studio albums. 


"The best way to describe this record is that it's a bit of an anomaly," Springsteen told Rolling Stone last month. "But not much. I don't really work linearly like a lot of people do. . . The songs were relatively current and had a similar sound picture. I was interested in putting this material together in some form because it sounded like it all fit together."


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Jan 15, 2014 1:41PM
He looks like Scott Baeo (SP) from Charles in Charge. Thought he died a few yrs back? Guess it was just his musical style.
Jan 14, 2014 5:50PM
Give the stage hands a raise and shut up you moron hypocrite has been.
Jan 14, 2014 12:45PM
People who do not know should not post. Jungleland was written six years prior to John Lennon being killed. Do your homework people.
Jan 6, 2014 12:28AM
I don't,t think Springsteen was thinkin about the senseless murder of John Lennon when he wrote the song. Its just beautiful poetry and a beautiful song. The sax that Clarence played was incomparable . . . Don't argue the point ! ! DHD
Jan 4, 2014 5:30PM
I see the EBT liberals are out. They suk like bruce stink-spring.
Jan 3, 2014 11:09PM
I thank The Boss for The Wild , The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle CD. It is by far his best work and not appreciated by many. One of my favorite songs that still sends chills and tears to my eyes is "Jungle Land". My reasons for the love of this song date back to a very sad day in rock and roll. If you want to relate to what I am saying read the book "Dec 8 1980 The Day John Lennon Died" when it gets to how the lyrics of Jungle Land and how that song was so mainstream all over the airwaves at the time Lennon was shot. The lyrics "..The rats own dream guns him down as shots echo down them hallways in the night..No one watches as the ambulance pulls away, or the as girl shuts out the bedroom light.." is almost erie in what took place that night at The Dakota with Yoko trapped inside and the thousands of fans gathering in Central Park to mourn Johns death. I know the personal connection it holds to Bruce and it will live on and continue to bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it as I pay tribute to all that Lennon stood for in my life.
Jan 3, 2014 1:10PM
Jan 3, 2014 12:03PM
hmmn....dream on, Bruce. There isnt no such thing.
Jan 3, 2014 11:37AM
News Flash:

Springsteen's music sucks.

That is all.
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