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Bob Dylan, Justin Bieber and more immortalized as jack-o-lanterns

By Mark C. Brown Oct 31, 2011 1:07PM
Bob Dylan pumpkinRolling Stone has pumpkins carved to look like rock stars. What more do we need to say?



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Riots in Gurgaon as Metallica cancels its first ever India shows

By percy thrillington Oct 31, 2011 1:06AM
One thing you can count on with Metallica: they never do anything halfway. Not content to criticize fans for using Napster, the band actually sued some of them (and alienated the rest). Where other groups might have made a simple behind-the-scenes documentary, they released Some Kind of Monster, a three-plus-hour investigation of their near-break-up, including group therapy sessions. After backing Lou Reed on a rendition of "Sweet Jane" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert, they wound up making a whole album with him (the already-controversialLulu arrives in stores tomorrow). And this weekend, when they pulled the plug on their first-ever live show in India over security concerns, the world's definitive metal band caused riots in the streets of Gurgaon, near Delhi, when 25,000 people made their disappointment known.(Interestingly/ironically, Metallica's point—that the barricades were insufficient to keep the crowd at a distance from the stage—was proved when rioters charged the stage with flaming banners and trashed the band's gear.)

The show's four promoters were arrested and charged with cheating people and breach of trust. 

Perhaps Lady Gaga had better luck when she played Gurgaon the next night—at a much more exclusive venue (five-star spa vs. open-air park), for a much smaller audience (1,000 vs. Metallica's 25,000) and a much higher ticket price (40,000 rupees/$900 vs. 2,750 rupees/$60). "There can be no vandalism here," an official told The Hindustan Times.

Both acts were in town to play as part of India's first Formula One racing event. Happy ending: Last night Metallica played to 22,000 fans in Bangalore, where, according to the Times of India,
"Rock music frenzy swept the sprawling Palace Grounds in this garden city where heavy metal band Metallica gave its first ever live performance in India, putting the fiasco over Friday's cancelled Gurgaon concert behind."


Bad Company/Free/Queen singer becomes Canadian citizen

By percy thrillington Oct 28, 2011 2:38PM
(He certainly looks Canadian!)
It may not have all been part of his rock and roll fantasy to begin with, but Paul Rodgers has now done what thousands of disaffected American liberals have been threatening to do since the Vietnam War (or at least since George W. Bush stole the presidency): he became a Canadian citizen last Friday at a public swearing in ceremony in Surrey, BC. His reasons were perhaps less political than some—he's maried to a Canadian, and not just any Canadian, but a former Miss Canada, he eagerly points out—but he is no less Canadian for it. And how does it feel? All right, now, apparently.

A statement from Paul:
It may not be my native land but Canada is surely now my home.  While I'll always be an Englishman, Canada has given me so much for which I am grateful.  My wife, your former Miss Canada Cynthia Kereluk, a new and extended family and the chance to be truly free in a country that with its quiet strength combines the best of so many worlds.
I'm proud to be a Canuck.
Thank you, Merci.
Paul Rodgers 


New theme album finds Wilson re-imaging Disney classics

By Mark C. Brown Oct 25, 2011 1:03PM

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson's new album is in stores today. In the Key of Disney finds Wilson going through Disney movie tunes, some common, some obscure. At times he plays it straight, with a fairly faithful rendition of "The Bare Necessities." At other times he gets goofy, giving songs the full-on Beach Boys treatment as if it were 1964 all over again.

"In the Key of Disney is a collection of really, really good songs and I wanted to do justice to each song -- 'Stay Awake,' 'Baby Mine,' 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King,' Elton songs, Randy Newman songs, just a great collection of tunes," Wilson said in a short interview. Using his touring band and doing all his own harmonies ("It's easier to do it myself. I like the blend."), Wilson didn't go for too many obvious choices, instead looking for "some 

very good songs, interesting songs, with interesting lyrical content.”

It's hardly the Beach Boys' first project with Disney; they backed Annette Funicello in the opening credits of the dreadful film "The Monkey's Uncle" back in the '60s, and first visiting Disneyland as a child had an indelible impact on Wilson.

"It’s too long ago to remember, but I remember I was thrilled to death. But it was too expensive, my folks couldn’t afford it," Wilson says of his youth at Disneyland.

It's an extremely creative spurt for Wilson, who put out an album of Gershwin songs last year, is currently recording a solo album, and participated in the Nov. 1 release of the Beach Boys' 1967 long-lost Smile album. Fans know that the album was never completed and was scrapped and recycled for albums such as Smiley Smile.



But hours of music are now coming out in a box set that Wilson has dubbed Smile, The Snippets.

"We had a lot of stuff in the can we didn’t finish. We thought maybe we should get a whole lot of these snippets together and do a thing. It’s amazing, there’s like 2 ½ hours of sounds to listen to," he said. They managed to reconstruct it in the studio from the old master tapes and "it's quite a thrill, the creative process. It’s amazing what can be done.”

With his in-progress solo album of new material due out next year, Wilson plans to hit the road one way or another, though he's unsure if it'll be solo or with a Beach Boys reunion that has been rumored and debunked a number of times.

"Nothing’s confirmed. I don’t know much about it, I just know that nothing’s confirmed.”






New Coldplay album out today

By percy thrillington Oct 25, 2011 6:45AM
(Commercial) rock and roll's last great hope releases its latest album today, and the press machine is already humming with the kind of energy that can only come from a band whose records millions of people are still willing to actually purchase, and whose singer is married to a famous movie actress. That's right, friends, today is Coldplay day. Idolator has a full report on the critical response to  Zenyatta Mondatta—or rather, Mylo Xyloto.
On the heels of the singles “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” and “Paradise”, Coldplay’s fifth album Mylo Xyloto finally arrived today. (Enter to win a copy, along with the band’s entire catalog, on vinyl.) As with their previous LP Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, the UK quartet have teamed up with producing legend Brian Eno for their new material. The results, according to critics, appear to be a mixed bag. We rounded up highlights from what the Internet at large had to say about the album. Head below to see it all matches your thoughts on Coldplay’s latest.
:: USA Today gives the album three out of four stars and notes the following: “Thematically and musically, Mylo Xyloto does come across as a medium-weight and up-to-date blend of middle-period U2, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Coldplay’s last three albums.”
:: The Atlantic compares Coldplay’s music to feel-good Hallmark cards while noting, “The band’s fifth studio album is their most unabashed pop performance, and it contains some legitimate surprises.”
:: The State Press is of two minds about the LP: “With every album, including Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay brings a new aspect of life and color into their songs,” the site notes. They do also say, “For fans of Coldplay’s acoustic and piano sound, Mylo Xyloto may leave a bitter noise in their ears preferring their past records.”
:: Irish site State points out Chris Martin’s shortcomings while also praising the band as a whole: “While his persistently disappointing lyrics clamber into songs like a determined toddler teetering in his mother’s too-big high heels, not even the most vociferous Coldplay detractor can deny that the London quartet knows how to kick out gorgeous, stadium-shuddering anthems, from ‘Clocks’ to ‘Viva La Vida’ to the new and robustly handsome ‘Charlie Brown’ off their fifth album, Mylo Xyloto.”
The rest can be found here, or down below: 

Helping with "Helpless"

By percy thrillington Oct 24, 2011 12:30PM

Neil Young's 25th annual Bridge School Benefit concert took place this weekend, with heavy hitters like Young, Arcade Fire, Beck, and Eddie Vedder banding together to raise money for the Northern California school that specializes in helping kids with severe speech impairments. It's a great cause and a reliably great show. Pitchfork has posted short recap, and a bunch of video clips, including the one above, with Arcade Fire joining in with Young on what may well be the master's greatest song, "Helpless." Below the jump, you can find AF's entire set, as well as a Beck-Young duet on Young's "Pocahontas" (another gem for the ages), and Beck's entire set. Pretty good for a Monday!
This weekend, the annual Bridge School Benefit Concert took place in Mountain View, California. The concert series has been organized by Neil Young and his wife Pegi Young for the past 25 years, to raise money for the Bridge School, a school in California co-founded by Pegi to benefit individuals with severe speech and physical impairments.
This year's benefit concerts featured Arcade Fire, Beck, Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, Devendra Banhart, and, of course, Young himself. (A benefit CD/DVD compilation collecting performances from throughout the years from Young, Thom Yorke, Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth, Fleet Foxes, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Metallica, and more is out today.)
Arcade Fire 's entire 40-minue set is available to watch below, via ArcadeFireTube. It included a performance with Neil Young of his CSNY song "Helpless." Earlier, Win Butler dedicated "Intervention" to "all the people camped out in front of [their] hotel hoping that in some small way this country can change."
More videos below, and here

Rockin' to the oldies

By Mark C. Brown Oct 23, 2011 7:11PM
Bridge Concert
In tribute to Carlos Santana's set at the Bridge School benefit this weekend, here are a couple of fans paying due respect. Enjoy.


He takes another trek to space with Bohemian Rhapsody

By Mark C. Brown Oct 22, 2011 12:51PM
It was weird enough when Captain Kirk covered "Rocket Man" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." This surpasses those by light years.