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The rise and fall of Tilda Stardust

New Bowie video thrills and solves a controversy

By Mark C. Brown Feb 26, 2013 2:07PM
David and TildaThe internet is about to break down as the world goes justifiably crazy over the new David Bowie song and video "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)." It's a catchy song and the mini-film that goes with it is bizarre and fun at the same time.

But apparently a lot of people are missing out on the joke as Bowie slyly cast actress Tilda Swinton to play his wife. For a long time people have joked that the two androgynous performers were actually one and the same. In fact, an entire blog site, Tilda Stardust, exists putting pictures of the two next to each other, such as the two below.
David, not Tilda

Tilda, not David

So now the controversy can finally be put to rest -- and the rest of us can look forward to what could be a stunning album coming out in a couple of weeks.