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Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child denies Super Bowl reunion rumors

By percy thrillington Jan 28, 2013 1:37PM
Well, this is an interesting 3rd down development. After a media blitz that included the release of the group's first new music in years and the announcement that they would be reuniting on the Super Bowl halftime show stage led by their fearless leader Beyonce, now comes word that perhaps Destiny's Child isn't reuniting?

Per HuffPo:
Destiny's Child bandmember Michelle Williams says there is no Super Bowl reunion in the works, despite numerous earlier reports to the contrary.
Speaking to WRUG radio, the singer said that nothing is confirmed. "It is rumored," she said. "I'm gonna be in the musical "Fela!" I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it's not true."
That's a pretty surprising twist, given that a purported set list for the trio's return to the stage has already been published. (Note: We did suggest taking it with a grain of salt.) A reunion seemed logical -- after all, the trio put out a new song and are releasing an album on Tuesday. Performing at the Super Bowl seemed like the third step in a sure-fire plan to move the band's old material.
Were I a gambling man, I would venture that this is either A) a last minute negotiation tactic by Williams, B) a bit of misdirection to keep the story alive, or C) the fall-out from Beyonce's inauguration lip-sync controversy. 

I guess we'll find out who the game day players are on game day...
Feb 4, 2013 2:24AM
That is funny because they did reunite for the Super Bowl. Why did she lie?
Feb 3, 2013 12:52PM
In all honesty, all I know is that this Beouncy person is budgeting over 12 million dollars just to promote some kind of comeback thing.  And they write that she is fat and stuck in the same mode as she was 10 years ago.  I got no idea what or how a destiny child is. Was that an illegitimate kid or something?
Feb 3, 2013 12:48PM

It would have taken too much time to train three people to synchronize their lipsynching to each other.  Doesn't old Beouncy just kind of do those same goofy dance steps as she did 12 years ago just to a different beat?  Superbowl shows are only a good time to head out for more chips and dogs...

Jan 28, 2013 6:59PM
Expecting her to do something that is selfless is a stretch.  I'd be shocked, Beyonce doesn't like to see anyone shine but her. Everybody knows it!!!!!
Jan 28, 2013 6:54PM

As the link above says to buy tickets:  PLEASE NOTE: Michelle Williams will not be appearing January 31st – 3rd. 

Nice try Michelle!

Jan 28, 2013 6:15PM
Does anyone really think that Beyonce is going to invite the members of Destiny's Child to join her onstage at the Super Bowl?  NO WAY!!!  She just sang...errrr, lip-synched...for President Obama, and is still riding that wave of superego all the way to the SuperDome.  Still, never say never.  Regardless of what Michelle Williams says about the Super Bowl appearance of Destiny's Child not happening, it could still happen.  Although not that many viewers even care about Destiny's Child, and Beyonce isn't really such a huge draw that the world would tune in to see either of them.  I guess we'll see this Sunday, eh?
Jan 28, 2013 6:01PM
What, like there is room on any stage for anyone else besides Beyonce? She probably tossed the other girls a bone promoting a Destiny release but appear together..,at the Stupor Bowl? No.
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