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'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' sneak peeks

Everything you need to know about the online soap opera reboots

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Apr 10, 2013 10:41PM

With the "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" reboots set to premiere online April 29, the first storyline teasers have dropped, along with a "One Life to Live" sneak peek video. MSN TV has the scoop on what to expect from the reborn soap operas and, as importantly, where to find them.


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"One Life to Live" and "All My Children" are back in production and starting Monday, April 29, the soap operas will release new 30-minute episodes four days a week on Hulu and iTunes. Viewers have three options for tuning in: They can watch via Hulu and put up with 30 second commercial spots; subscribe to Hulu Plus ($7.99 per month) for commercial-free viewing; or purchase individual, presumably commercial-free episodes for 99 cents each via iTunes. Hulu Plus and iTunes stream content to tablets, smartphones or Internet-connected televisions, as well as 'old fashioned' computers and laptops. 

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According to an informative new interview with Prospect Park CEO Jeff Kwatinetz, Hulu Plus and iTunes will archive the series, which means fans or latecomers to the online reboots will be able to access every online episode released to date. 

Casting Updates

There have been a few "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" casting updates since MSN TV's last report.

"All My Children" lured Alicia Minshew (Kendall) back for at least one episode, while "Guiding Light" alum Paula Garces joined the series as sexy crime fighter Lea Marquez. 

"One Life to Live" added "High School Musical" alum Corbin Bleu to the roster as The Banner's new reporter, Jeffrey King, and tapped Jenni "JWoww" Farley ("Jersey Shore") for a recurring gig as a sassy bartender at Blair and Cutter's new club. Aussie DJs Nervo will also make an appearance at the Llanview hot spotThe reboot has also seen a behind the scenes shakeup, with co-head writer Susie Bedsow Horgan stepping down.

Buzz has it that the Llanview three - Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson - will return to "General Hospital," but not as McBain, Todd and Starr.  


"All My Children" Teasers

Love, excitement and suspense return to Pine Valley with the Chandlers, Cortlandts, Martins and Hubbards. Revisit the lives of core characters who've inhabited the landscape for decades along with a younger generation that promises twists and turns of its own. Follow JR as he comes to grips with his past and meet his teen-aged son, AJ, who might just break the cycle of dysfunction that has plagued his family for years. Follow Pete Cortlandt as he falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn't know about. Get re-acquainted with Angie and Jesse and see them tested by tragedy and loss. Witness the return of Zach and David and follow the emotional journey of Bianca's daughter Miranda, whose own mother lived in the shadow of the great Erica Kane but who is determined to forge her own path, on her own terms. 


Monday, April 29:
A Pine Valley resident vows vengeance. Jesse plans a surprise. As a fast car takes a son home, Pete spots something that will change everything.

Tuesday, April 30: 
A Pine Valley legend returns. Who learns something has gone terribly wrong? Dixie sits vigil.

Wednesday, May 1: 
An ex-con learns who helped him. Jesse gets big news. Cara fears the truth will come out.

Thursday, May 2:
AJ helps Miranda out of a tight situation. After a year and half, we finally learn the answer to an age-old question: Which character dies today?

The "All My Children" Hulu and iTunes homes are already offering fresh content. TOLNSoaps has also released a catching up video for fans wanting to psyche up for the premiere. 

"One Life To Live" teasers and sneak peek

"One Life to Live" is filled with action, romance, comedy, and pushes the boundaries of entertainment by exploring cutting edge social issues. Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, the Buchanans and the Lords - all the icons of Llanview - are joined by gorgeous, hot stars of tomorrow in the all-new "One Life to Live." At the start, Viki's sexy, young reporter Jeffrey King uncovers a scandal that ends Dorian's senatorial career. Of course, Dorian blames Viki, reigniting and exploding their feud to epic proportions. Meanwhile danger follows Todd to town in the form of a mysterious, evil organization signified by a sinister tattoo... and a deadly agenda. Blair and Cutter's popular new club Shelter places Llanview on the map with DJ's, singers and cameo roles played by the biggest names in show business today. The new "One Life to Live" has beloved characters from the show that ran on network television for 43 years plus the contemporary look, feel and style of an edgy new hit.

Monday, April 29: One Life to Live is back! Find out what fan favorites Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora, and all the OLTL residents have been up to since we last took a visit to Llanview. What surprises are in store in the blockbuster first episode?

Tuesday, April 30: How will the Llanview residents cope after the surprising turn of events at Shelter's premiere? Viki and Dorian's historic feud begins a new chapter. Two longstanding characters are shell shocked yet again by something surprising.

Wednesday, May 1: Todd tries to understand Dani, who he hasn't seen in a year. Dorian takes action to protect herself. Nora tries to convince Matthew to take responsibility for his actions.

Thursday, May 2: Who pulls a fast one on Dorian? Tea explains exactly what happened with her baby. Todd tries to make amends.

Friday, May 3: In the show's first ever behind-the-scenes show, interact with your favorite "One Life to Live" stars as they discuss this week's hot topics and take a closer look at the big events in Llanview from the past four days. 


The "One Life to Live" Hulu and iTunes homes are already offering content. TOLNSoaps has also released a catching up video for fans wanting to psyche up for the premiere. 

* Teasers provided by Prospect Park. Show summaries pulled directly from the shows' respective iTunes pages.

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" premiere Monday, April 29, on Hulu and iTunes.