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Oprah Winfrey opens up on 'Steve Harvey'

Former talk show queen returns to daytime to reflect on the past and the future

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Apr 25, 2013 1:45PM
Oprah Winfrey is coming back to daytime for a visit with "Steve Harvey." In an episode airing Friday, April 26, the daytime diva and now OWN network head talked to Harvey about the good old days of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," his first season in daytime and her "breasteses." 

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In what Winfrey called "the ultimate role reversal," Harvey got to put the questions to her during their one-on-one. Winfrey opened up about what she misses about her talk show, revealed what she has planned for OWN and cheered Harvey's first season in daytime with a familiar, "Woot! woot!" Steve also provided Winfrey with an "A-ha! Moment."

As previously reported, Winfrey surprised Harvey's audience during a March taping by coming out during his signature "Ask Steve" segment. The conversation promises to be "frank and funny." Winfrey even spoke about her love scenes with Terrence Howard in their upcoming film "The Butler" and the comments Howard made about her "tig ol' bitties." 

"Steve Harvey" airs weekdays in syndication.
May 8, 2014 12:01PM
Esa senorita el la mas racista que he conocido,no quiere ni  a blancos ni a los de su m isma raza. el dinero lo hizo en  USA pero habrio escuelas en el Africa? SE supero si que es capaz si , tuvo suerte si a mi particularmente nunca me cayo  .
Jan 9, 2014 10:06PM

Those of you, who find she is a disingenuous racist or she this or that remember she also had her fair shares in this life, give her the respect she made it even when it was a failure for her so she earn her points .Don't be haters but make your life successful too and also judge no one but yourself. if you cannot do better then be quite and just do not watch the show if you do not like her haters 

Apr 25, 2013 6:26PM
Oprah is a disingenous racist . Chicago made her and she turned her back on that city . She also helped make the worst President in History an overnight sensation and then would not even have any of his competitors on the show saying the Obama pep rally and PR event she disguised as a talk show was before he became a candidate and so she didn't have to have McCain on . Disengenous Liar and racist . I wonder how she feels now that her lover has a gig as a Journalist ( even though she has no journalist or reporting experience ) and people see her everyday while Oprah was dissed , made irrelevant by the very people she helped into the Whitehouse ....gee Chewbacca and Valerie Jarret sure are a petty insecure and jealous lot ....
Apr 25, 2013 6:07PM

black people are lacking  in many things one of them is love we supposed to help ourselves before we can help somebody else how can any famous black person be ok with all our black men in jail the black race is at a all time high killing each other , to finding work.  how can any celebrity sleep at night spending millions of dollars on what they  designed for us to see but we cannot see our people who are hurting in every day life living paycheck to paycheck.barely making it until all African American rich or famous see their people are at  a state of emergency.we will continue to fail because we want to live like them with Gucci and fendi knocking at our door we cannot afford it we are prostituting to get it selling drugs all to live like our people we see on tv. who don't see whats really going on and no we don't want a hand out but just to know they are there doing what they can but they wont because that goes strictly against what they supposed to do their job  is to deceive for them getting there job done because they have control....

Apr 25, 2013 6:01PM
Time to pack it in, Oprah.  You had your day and I haven't missed you a bit.  There are plenty of lame daytime talk shows as it is.  Have a nice life.
Apr 25, 2013 5:59PM
Apr 25, 2013 5:50PM

In the beginning Oprah may have done the "hard" work but her Oprah show was only successful due to her giving away cash, prizes, etc. If she hadn't she would NOT have stayed around as long as she did let's face that fact.


I will never watch her again. During her interview w/ LL Cool J they were talking about him being abused as a young child. Her question to him was "how did that affect you as a young 'BLACK' child?

WHAT?! What does the color of his skin have to do w/anything?! I turned it off right then swearing never to watch her again.


And it was plain as day that she was support Nobama because he was black & for no other reason.

Apr 25, 2013 5:40PM
Oprah would give advice on marriage, children etc...none of which she was or had.  I never liked her show.  Nothing personal towards her...but I never cared for people who give advice, tell you how to live when their life is soooo different.  Just never liked that show...nothing against Oprah...just her show.
Apr 25, 2013 5:36PM

Who could possibly care? People must get a  life and not live vicariously through someone else.  Being a television star does not make her more wise. Her political views are just that, one person's opinion, and should not influence a single person in the U.S. The fame thing does not add a single I.

Q. point to Opra, Richard Dreyfuss, or George Clooney. People seem to equate fame, no matter what kind, with higher intelligence quotas. This is not the case, as proven by Barack Obama. Unfortunately I am not among the mensa members either, but even I can see the previous statements are true.

Apr 25, 2013 5:33PM
I am surprised by some of the horrid comments people are making about Oprah Winfrey. I don't agree with her personal opinions on politics, and I really do believe she was a big part of King Barack the 1st being elected.

BUT, Oprah Winfrey is a testament that the welfare system does not work! 

Oh, how dare you say that Mr.! 

Oprah Winfrey did not become successful laying around and collecting a check. She did not become successful by getting on foodstamps and accepting that as her norm. She did not become successful for accepting mediocrity like Obama and his socalistic goons teach the black community.

She did EVERYTHING opposite that the Obama administration tells the people to do, and she found enormous success. I think that is the lesson is to be learned from Oprah Winfrey.

In a free society, a society that encourages hard work and sacrifice, you can become an Oprah Winfrey. 

In the Obamanation....I don't think we will ever see another Oprah Winfrey. The necessary ingredients no longer exist. 

But who is to really blame for that? The lazy sons of bitches that I'm actually talking about that voted King Barack the 1st into office and then re-elected him. 

You get what you deserve and I guess we deserve socialism, marxism, and of course what those two always lead too.....communism. 
Apr 25, 2013 5:33PM
Wow! I had to chime in on this.  It seems like a lot of people have negative comments to say about one of the most profound individuals of my life time.  Not only did Ms. Winfrey break through barriers but she sustained her position for quite some time.  Unlike some popular blacks, Oprah never acted like a bafoon nor did she carry on like an idiot so Hollywood never got a chance to demonize her, ridicule her, drive her out of Hollywood, or knock her off her throne like they did Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, R Kelly and many other famous black folks.  She stacked her chips, made her mark, and bowed out gracefully.  Could she have done more for her sisters in media and other ways?  Yes - Indeed.  Hint Hint - Ms. O, I need a loan - LOL.  But at least she didn't take us backwards or make us look like a&&clowns like some other celebrities, (i.e. Miss Kenya more of RHOA and that fowl mouthed Nicki Minaj).  Face it:  If all you got to say about the women is she lied about her sexuality then consider this.  With so many people coming out the closet - one more person won't make a bit of difference.  Much love to my sister cause she gives all black women something to aspire to be like.  Would you like it if she was in a shelter, on welfare, in a shelter and begging for a handout like some old black celebrities? 
Apr 25, 2013 5:31PM

WOW! I never knew there was such dislike of Oprah. Oprah started out on the right foot, but like all people black or white she loves that almighty dollar. Sad thing she went to Africa and started a scholl for young ladies. That money was earned in America and she should have helped the young ladies in this country BLACK AND WHITE. It was a lot of WHITES that gave her her start not Blacks. She shows appreciation by doing charitable things in another country.

Then she moves up the ladder and a lot of people cant watched because they cant afford to pay the money for the higher tier cable. So quit whining and stay were you are. No body really cares.... You just another trashy rich____________________________________!

Apr 25, 2013 5:30PM
@Frances Moore,  I think it's safe to say, "WOULD YOU JUST GO AWAY"  It wasn't your calling to be Rich, because if it were you wouldn't have the time to spend hating Oprah. You have so much time because you have so little money, which is sad because so many people do. I'm not rich, but I refuse to hate someone because they have lots of money, no matter what race they maybe. You should try it.
Apr 25, 2013 5:20PM

The woman is an evil hypnotist who brainwashes people.


That is her job and that is the source of her ill gotten gains.


The subconcscious is powerful. It is aware of every particle and detail around you. But it doesn't know the difference between fact or fiction and acts on all information passing through the conscious mind as fact, and responds to it. So what do you think happens when you watch silly, moron, goofy commercials and television programs? They are training your thought processes.
Hey buddy, I'm talking to you. Yes, you, the guy sitting in front of the television. Turn down the sound a bit, so that you can hear what I am saying. Now, try to concentrate on what I am going to say. I want to talk to you about your favorite pastime. No, it's not baseball or football, although it does have something to do with your interest in spectator sports. I'm talking about what you were just doing: watching television.
Do you have any idea about how much time you spend in front of the television set? According to the latest studies, the average American now spends between five and six hours a day watching television. Let's put that in perspective: that is more time than you spend doing anything else but sleeping or working, if you are lucky enough to still have a job.
That's more time than you spend eating, more time than you spend with your wife alone, more time than with the kids. It's even worse with your children. According to these same studies, young children below school age watch more than eight hours each day. School age children watch a little under eight hours a day. In 1980, the average 20-year-old had watched the equivalent of 14 months of television in his or her brief lifetime. {That's 14 months, 24 hours a day.}
More recent figures show that the numbers have climbed: the 20-year-old has spent closer to two full years of his or her life in front of the television set. At the same time, the researchers have noted a disturbing phenomena. It seems that we Americans are getting progressively more {stupid}. They note a decline in reading and comprehension levels in all age groups tested. Americans read less and understand what they read less than they did 10 years ago, less than they have at any time since research began to study such things.
Apr 25, 2013 5:18PM

Very sad there are such negative people in the world. I don't love nor dislike Oprah, but she has pulled herself up by her "boot strings" and did it by hard work. I compliment anyone and especially african-american women who succeed because the deck is already stacked against us. She has made millionaires of people that were literally nobody's, for that alone she deserves her kudos. 


Get out and make your millions!!

Apr 25, 2013 5:14PM

Oprah there's a lot of people out there that miss your show. My eighty three year old mother was devastated when your afternoon show went off the air. She used to watch it religiously it was her highlight of the day...............

Apr 25, 2013 5:07PM
p.s. i miss her show also, not able to get her cable channel.
Apr 25, 2013 5:06PM
who cares about oprah's personal life, she has had her heartaches and bad experiences just like everyone else.  over the years i have seen a very smart , astute, and classy lady who has done a lot for other people.  she is a funny lady who doesn't mind poking fun at herself and i would welcome her to my home anytime.  oprah has worked hard for everything she has and she has a right to give it away, to stock pile it, to do anything she damn well likes as long as its legal, she's taken risks and when she has needed to she has apologized, let her alone.
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