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Soap opera casting buzz: Who's coming and going?

Get the latest on Michelle Stafford, Hunter Tylo, Rena Sofer and more familiar names

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert May 21, 2013 11:12AM

A flood of casting updates for "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "Days of Our Lives" and "General Hospital" have soap opera fans buzzing about Michelle Stafford, Hunter Tylo, Chrishell Stause, Darin Brooks, Rena Sofer and other familiar daytimers. Here's a roundup on who's coming and going on each of the big four soap operas during the end of May and into summer. 

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MSN TV has confirmation on Michelle Stafford's status with "The Young and the Restless," as well as news on which shows nabbed "General Hospital" alums Rena Sofer (ex-Lois), Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie) and Erin Chambers (ex-Siobhan); "Days of Our Lives" Emmy winner Darin Brooks (ex-Max); and "All My Children" ex-pat Chrishell Stause (ex-Amanda). Plus, what's going on with "Bold and the Beautiful" locals Hunter Tylo (Taylor), Zak Conroy (Oliver) and Ashley Jones (Bridget)?

NOTE: Airdates may be affected by preemptions caused by special news reports on events like the Oklahoma City tornado. 


"The Young and the Restless"

The big news coming out of Genoa City is that fan favorite and Daytime Emmy nominee Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) is exiting. 

"I would like to personally confirm to the fans that yes, I have decided to leave 'The Young and the Restless,'" Stafford said. "It has been a glorious 16 years and one of the greatest rides of my life. The constant support and love from the fans is not lost on me. I think I'll miss you the most."

With Phyllis expected to exit the canvas mid-June, there are clearly no hard feeling between Stafford and her bosses, as she was out partying with Sony and CBS after the story broke.  

This isn't Stafford's first exit from the show. She first signed on as Phyllis in 1994, exiting three years later. Sandra Nelson stepped in as a recast until 1998 and then Stafford returned to cause more trouble in 2000. She also spent a few months doing double duty when villainous Sheila returned looking like Phyllis. During Stafford's 16 years with the show, she's nabbed 10 Emmy Leading Actress nominations, taking home the win in 2004. She also won Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1997.

In other CBS news, "The Bold and the Beautiful" hunk Zack Conroy is taking his character Oliver to "The Young and the Restless" on business. The hot photographer will work with Jabot in crossover episodes airing Tuesday, May 21, and Friday, May 31.


"General Hospital" alum Erin Chambers (ex-Siobhan) is getting into the Genoa City legal scene. She's landed a recurring gig as paralegal Melanie, premiering Thursday, June 6.


A new woman may shake up the Cane/Lily/Tyler drama. Mishael Morgan ("Supernatural," "Total Recall") has joined the show as Hilary Curtis and will first air Friday, June 14, in scenes with Daniel Goddard (Cane) and Christel Khalil (Lily).

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"The Bold and the Beautiful"

Lots of big moves are happening on "The Bold and the Beautiful." With two divas out, a brand new pair is joining the show and a fave returns for some drama.  

On the heels of news that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is taking a break from "The Bold and the Beautiful" comes word that her onscreen mom Hunter Tylo (Taylor) is exiting the show.


"Contract talks ended 4 weeks ago," Tylo posted on her message board, though a show rep says they are still in negotiations. "I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and pursuing my skin care line. My friends and 'B&B' fans will be sorely missed. But don't worry! I'll keep you posted of my every new adventure!"


With the mother/daughter team on its way out, there's a new mother/son duo coming to town, and they're packing Daytime Emmys. "Days of Our Lives" alum Darin Brooks arrives on the scene June 21 as newcomer Wyatt and soap veteran Rena Stofer has been tapped to play his mother, Quinn Fuller, first airing Friday, July 12.

"I am so excited to be joining Bold and the Beautiful!! I have always loved daytime and I am so excited to be back!!!" tweeted Sofer, who also boasts a healthy list of primetime credits and was last seen on "Once Upon a Time."

There's not much dish on Sofer's character, yet, but word is this pair has some bombshell secrets. Wyatt, for his part, is set shake up the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle and promises to be a "badass."

"My character, Wyatt, is first seen in the nude taking a solar shower out in the woods," Brooks teased. "Hope stumbles across him and takes his picture on her smartphone and Wyatt catches her… As the story unfolds, he moves into that whole fashion-industry world and you'll find out his connection to everything. It's all very mysterious for now."


Former cast regular Ashley Jones will bring her character Bridget back for a short visit, starting Wednesday, May 22.

"I'm only going in for three or four episodes, as of right now," Jones said. "But there's some fun stuff with Bridget's mom."


The timing makes sense: Brooke is once again pregnant with an in-law's child and trying to get another man to take credit for knocking her up - As fans recall, the last time this happened, it was Bridget's then-hubby Deacon who knocked Brooke up and Whip who took credit. It sounds like Jones (who has been dating former onscreen hubby Jack Wagner!) would be open to the idea of sticking around town, as long as there was a juicy story lined up for her. 

"I feel like this is too cool a character to come back and just sit in the background," she explained. 

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"Days of Our Lives"

Salem has quite a few soap hoppers coming to town.


"All My Children" alum Chrishell Stause has signed on for a mysterious new role and will show up in Salem mid-summer.


"I couldn't be happier!" Stause tweeted. "My bags are packed-moving to Salem!"


"General Hospital" alum Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie) will heat up "Days of Our Lives," starting in July. Lilley earned props from Port Charles fans during her stint covering for Kirsten Storms last year, but don't get ahead of yourselves "Days of Our Lives" fans. She is not a recast for Belle, the role that helped launch Storm's career years ago. 


Nadia Bjorlin's Chloe will be back for a few episodes toward the ends of summer. 

Meanwhile, with Casey Deidrick's (Chad) contract up in June, buzz suggests he could be on his way out. The show may even be recasting the role, but neither he nor the show have confirmed this rumor. 


"General Hospital"

With summer approaching, Samantha Logan ("666 Park Avenue") has joined the "General Hospital" teen scene as Felix's younger sister, Taylor DuBois. The newcomer will shake up the Rafe, Molly and T.J. triangle.


"Not everything can be a triangle, so there will be another girl thrown into the mix," teased headwriter Ron Carlivati.

Feb 4, 2014 11:19PM
I truly am not a HTylo fan. For a person that is to keep all of your secrets, she doesn't do that very well.  Has everyone forgotten that when she first appeared, she killed a person behind her own jealously or did you forget. However, even after that, she is a doctor, and did she not break into a doctors office to steal a glimpse at another persons file. WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO GO TO JAIL, OH that right, SHE DIDN'T, I wonder WHY.  Is that logical. Upstanding NO. STUPID YES. WAS SHE PUNISHED, OH NO. NOT TAYLOR,  
Feb 3, 2014 5:03PM
Enjoyed her as Phyllis , hope she has continued success in her career and as well as personal life
Sep 20, 2013 1:18PM

I want to no if they are going to recast her. or is she just going to stay in a coma forever?


May 22, 2013 10:18PM
Hunter Tylo leaving is sad. She has played taylor for 23 years. I hope some miracle happens and she decides to stay on B&B!
May 22, 2013 3:54PM

Hunter and Jackie are great actresses.  The writers are screwing with them for the slut Logan broads. Sluts should never get everything they want because it is wrong.  Brooke has a decision to make about being preggo and it shouldn't be to take another man away from Taylor One answer to her problem abortion Pregnant at 51 iis ridiculous on tv.This sucks.

Her daughter is the same mess. Hope sees it she wants and stops at nothing to get it.

Brooke's little dinner party is to get Eric to marry her again and say he's the father.  Frankly I don't think Bill or anyone else will buy this garbage.

May 22, 2013 3:20PM
Y&R > Michelle Stafford 's Exit.
I really love her and i think that something is going on  at CBS for all these great names wanted to leave, Phyllis "Red" Summers is a character we all love or hate  at one point, but that's cuz she  is so great at her job,  that we cannot hate "red" forever, even when she deserves it. Nobody can replace Michelle she does emotional/funny/ bad/ so well,  and i will miss her a lot, it is sad she decided to leave, and i hope the best in the future for her. Michelle can only do great whatever she will do. Y&R will not be the same w/o her and Jeanne Cooper.  Very sad.

May 22, 2013 2:57PM
@HTylo Fan
Exactly and all this crap they are pulling to defend KKL to us on the internet  make their situation worse!! If they  would put the same energy to use the brain in the writing room instead to cater this woman on and off screen!! I am so sick of her!! We need to keep fighting people like Bell and KKL who have pushed every good actor through the door and killed William Bell 's legacy.. What a shame!
May 22, 2013 1:55PM
@Larkin, I could not agree more. This show is losing more people than the Titanic. You can always tell when they start stunt casting every other week that something has gone wrong.
May 22, 2013 11:01AM
As for Michelle Stafford, I am truly sorry to see her go. She is the biggest reason I watch Y&R. It will not be the same without her.
May 22, 2013 10:58AM
This is sad news for Hunter's HUGE fanbase. But truth be told, she deserves so much better than this mess of a show that B&B has become. I used to love this soap but I feel it has truly run it's course. Believe me when I say Taylor fans will no longer be tuning in to the Brooke show. I wish Hunter well, she doesn't need B&B.
May 22, 2013 10:18AM
@HTylo Fan
So true. CBS is not taking seriously how screwed up B&b is , they all suck at their job, especially David Gregg for not telling his boss that audience are not happy and Bell for writing the show for himself and KKL..i am glad they are leaving, I t is time to wotk with grow ups who do no caught  up in politics and can SERIOUSLY write..
May 22, 2013 9:46AM
I think B&b is a lost cause the all Brooke W**RE Logan show wouldn't get a shake  even if Obama make a cameo >that ow bad the writing has got,< At B&B writers last consideration are the audience, they  have the idea that people are comatose or they do not care..The exit of Hunter and Jacqui  is just  Bell's own duing as he never invested in them as he should have. He has been treating actors like crap for QUITE  a while, focusing only on one character  BROOKE LOGAN/KKL!! Enough already!! No compelling sl and variety of people on the  show , it is pointless to hire more unknown people that would not make miracles! Seriously how long can i watch Taylor getting  screwed  from all sides while the tramp from the valley get long marriages and all the men on the show???Or see KKL stealing sl  from other actors colleagues?? And why would  I want Steffy stuck in a horrible ugly triangle with a dork and have his baby and then also loose it while the tramp get preggo with Bill who should hve been with Steffy in the first place? Bell gotta be kidding!! ??. This show gotta be cancelled!! No wonder actors leave, B&B is a dead zone in terms of creativity , excitement, fun, and artistic growth. Bell you are a joke!!
May 22, 2013 9:08AM

Devastating news for one major fanbase on B&B.

All Stephanie fans loved Taylor and Steffy.

Some very strategic plan to obliterate the fans who remained after

Stephanie departed.


Good luck to Hunter and JMW!  Your fans will leave with you

and follow you to the better life.

May 22, 2013 8:49AM

For Bold and the Beautiful...I am happy to see Hunter leaving that show. The wriitng is recycled garbage from the 1990's and I am tired of having to watch other characters, whom I don't care about, just so that I can see her. JMW is also leaving, Flannery is gone too. The mass exodus speaks VOLUMES about the confidence in the shows future. More stunt casting and a revolving door of faces no one cares about.


I would love to see Hunter on Days of Our lives or General Hospital. I am done with CBS daytime FOR GOOD.

May 22, 2013 8:43AM

After all this time I still would love to see Nick & Sharon reunite...........hope so!


May 22, 2013 8:40AM
Phelps ruins every soap she produces. Why do they keep hiring her. Y&R is now unwatchable thanks to her recastings & storylines.
May 22, 2013 8:09AM
Oh, yes.  Ms. Farren Phelps starts firing fan favorites.  Where have I seen that before?  Oh, that's right.  She did that on General Hospital, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Another Worlds, Santa Barbara...
May 22, 2013 7:21AM
I'm sorry to hear Michelle Stafford is leaving Y&R. She's a wonderful actress and will be greatly missed. But I wish her luck in whatever she pursues next.
May 22, 2013 5:26AM

I am so sorry to see Phyllis go, I love the actress.  I think Michelle is gorgeous and I have really enjoyed her wardrobe over thre years.  Good Luck Michelle!


bye  bye  ms. Phillys  you  trouble  maker  and unhappy  person  on  the  young  and  the  restless...
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