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Watch soap star Michelle Stafford's new web series

'Young and the Restless' vet leaves Phyllis behind for reality TV spoof

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Aug 7, 2013 5:57PM
Michelle Stafford's (Phyllis) exit from "The Young and the Restless" has had everyone buzzing. With her character Phyllis written into a coma and off canvas, the soap opera star has launched her own web series. MSN TV has the first webisode of "The Stafford Project" for your review!


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"A primary reason I have left 'Y&R' is that I want to do comedy," Stafford told TV Guide. "I decided I needed to create something for myself, and you write what you know, right? I teamed up with my two friends, Paige Long and Paige Dorian, and we came up with 'The Stafford Project' as a way of finding the humor in all the degrading things that happen to me. I just lead that kind of life. Things go wrong. Things blow up in my face. But even the most difficult things in my life are riddled with comedy."


In the new satire of her life and reality TV, Stafford plays a version of herself: a single mom and soap star trying to figure out what comes next. In the premiere episode, "Technicalities," Stafford's faux agent and an eager producer try to convince her to sign on to do a reality show. She balks at the idea of doing the show, let alone a web series, and is horrified to realize they've already started taping. Topics broached during the faux pitch session include her daughter Natalia Scout Lee, 3, who co-stars in the web series and was born via surrogate using Stafford's embryo and a sperm donor. Stafford flinches at assumptions and offensive comments made about the way she became a parent, as well as her soap history, her viability in primetime, her age and her way with men.  

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"The Stafford Project" premiere is decidedly dry and features a few F-bombs, capturing the actress's energy and vibe quite well. Stafford has built a reputation for her quick-tongued, self-deprecating yet self-confident humor. She'll say just about anything, and from the premiere, it's clear nothing is off-limits on her new show, either. 

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