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'Community' star Donald to play young Tracy in upcoming live episode

By Kenny Herzog Apr 13, 2012 9:44AM
Oh, what can't young Donald Glover do? The 28-year-old actor/comedian/writer/rapper is like Eddie Murphy 2.0, but with actual musical gifts. He's also pulling double duty on an upcoming NBC Thursday night. TV Line reports that the funnyman and "Community" star will be popping up in the live April 26 episode of "30 Rock," playing none other than a younger version of Tracy Morgan's loose alter-ego, Tracy Jordan, in flashbacks. 

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Much as it would delight fans of both shows to imagine that their cast and producers work in collaborative harmony and share alternative-sitcom war stories over tea, this is actually an inevitable reunion. Back in 2008 and 2009, Glover penned a couple of "30 Rock" episodes and even appeared in blink-and-you-miss-'em bit parts in a few more. 

According to TV Line, the episode in question revolves around whether "The Girlie Show" will continue to be filmed live or transition to edited, pre-taped broadcasts. We're not sure if that's Tina Fey's way of subliminally trying to tell Lorne Michaels and "SNL" something, but we'll be more explicit: Lorne, keep it under advisement, especially if you're considering Lindsay Lohan as host.

"30 Rock" airs Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. The special live episode featuring Donald Glover airs Thurdsay, April 26. "Community" airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Is Showtime seeking insurance against Duchovny exit?

By Corey Levitan Apr 13, 2012 9:27AM

"Californication" is reproducing. According to Entertainment Weekly, a possible spin-off is in the oven and David Duchovny is not the father.

Season 6 of the Showtime comedy, premiering next year, will feature Faith, a groupie in her 20s who is deeply religious yet practices sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (the first and/or second parts presumably with Duchovny's Hank Moody). Faith will figure prominently in nine episodes, with an eye toward building her a stand-alone show.


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The character is the brainchild of "Californication" writer-executive producer Tom Kapinos. However, according to the report, she has yet to be cast, much less green-lighted for her own show.

If plans for a spin-off proceed, it could signal that either Showtime and/or the producers don't feel confident in their ability to continue meeting Duchovny's salary demands. (This TV Guide report ranked Duchovny the 13th highest-paid television comedy star, with a paycheck of $200,000 per episode. And that was back in 2010, when Charlie Sheen was still number one.)

"Californication" attracted 2.8 million viewers to its fifth season, a 12 percent boost over the previous season.

Season 6 of "Californication" will premiere in early 2013 on Showtime.


Rumor mill spins that racy French actress will play Jessica Lange's nemesis

By Kenny Herzog Apr 12, 2012 9:40AM
Oh, those crazy, liberated French. Up until now, sultry 27-year-old Parisian actress Lizzie Brocheré has been largely obscure to American audiences but well-known overseas for bearing all in a number of X-rated foreign features. But according to TV Line's unnamed "insider," Brocheré is ready to cover up that birthday suit for the part of Gia -- Jessica Lange's primary foil -- in this fall's second season of "American Horror Story." 

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TV Line's story cites earlier casting calls that supposedly requested a ferocious, no-nonsense presence à la Angelina Jolie in "Girl, Interrupted." Ironically, one of Jolie's breakthrough roles was as the title character in HBO's "Gia," a movie in which she herself was frequently nude. 

Hopefully, Brocheré and Lange will help scare the pants off "American Horror Story" fans.

Season 2 of "American Horror Story" returns this fall on FX.

FOX cancels his latest sitcom … again

By Corey Levitan Apr 12, 2012 9:20AM

"Breaking In" has been yanked from FOX's schedule, where it had been airing on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. This marks the second time the struggling Christian Slater sitcom has met the ax. It had been revived after being canceled last May.


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According to this Entertainment Weekly report, the last three scheduled episodes will be replaced by repeats of the show's lead-in, Zooey Deschanel's "New Girl." The most recent "Breaking In" drew 2.6 million viewers and a 1.3 rating, meaning that it lost 43 percent of "New Girl's" audience. (Ouch.)

This completes a trifecta of failed shows for Slater, who also couldn't break in with 2008's "My Own Worst Enemy" or 2010's aptly titled "The Forgotten."

FOX claims its remaining "Breaking In" episodes "will air at a later date."

We're betting a later time, too -- as in 1 or 2 a.m.


Daytime veteran to take the lead in show's first gay storyline

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Apr 12, 2012 7:50AM

"The Bold and The Beautiful" has tapped daytime vet Crystal Chappell to take the lead in its first lesbian storyline. This May on the CBS soap opera, recent arrival Caroline Spencer will reveal she has two mommies. Chappell is set to play Danielle, the mother viewers haven't met yet. Caroline's other mom, Karen Spencer, last appeared in town in March to help introduce Caroline to locals.


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"So excited to be at B and B! Cool peeps!" Crystal Chappell tweeted after EW broke the story. "I'm so proud to be a part of such a cool show."

Not much is known about Chappell's new character, yet, but Mama Karen is a familiar face. She is the surviving identical twin of original "The Bold and the Beautiful" character Caroline, for whom her daughter is named. Karen did the love triangle thing with Ridge and Thorne back in the day and since then, has popped in and out of town. No one has any idea she has (or had?) a relationship with another woman. Even her brother Bill will be none the wiser until young Caroline drops the news in mid-May, according to EW's report.

Chappell was most recently on "Days of Our Lives," but before that, she came out on "Guiding Light" when her character, Olivia, fell for Natalia. The pairing was so popular it inspired Chappell to launch the web series "Venice: The Series" after "Guiding Light" was cancelled. 


While a lesbian storyline isn't anything new to Chappell, it is a first for "The Bold and the Beautiful." The soap opera built around the fashion industry in Los Angeles has had gay characters on canvas before. Iconic character Sally Spectra even had a gay sidekick, Saul, for awhile, but there has never been a storyline built around a gay or lesbian character or characters.

With Chappell in this new role, that's about to change. 


"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays on CBS.


Soap fans and stars celebrate the news on Twitter, 'GMA' to expand

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Apr 11, 2012 4:42PM

Soap opera fans have been targeting "The Revolution" as a means to save "General Hospital," and even Katie Couric took a stand against having that show as a lead-in for her upcoming ABC talk show, launching this fall. Now, it looks like they're getting what they wanted. Word comes that "General Hospital" will stick around and "Good Morning America" will launch an afternoon summer show, while "The Revolution" is getting the proverbial ax. Needless to say, "General Hospital" fans and stars are doing the happy dance on Twitter.

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Since "The Revolution" took over the "One Life to Live" time slot, the transformational talk show hasn't managed to build a following. Soap fans feared ABC would stick by the show, in spite of its paltry ratings, and cancel "General Hospital," but MSN TV has confirmed the big news broken by Deadline.

"The Revolution" will go off the air the first week of July. And then, on July 9, "GMA" will continue its campaign to take down "Today" by launching a summer series, currently titled "GMA in the Afternoon." The new show will be lighter in fare than its namesake and will feature members of the "GMA" morning crew, as well as some new faces, according to Deadline.

The idea seems to be that "GMA in the Afternoon" will serve as temporary filler, until "Kate" premieres Sept. 10. But if it performs, it's hard to believe ABC will let it go.

The "General Hospital" Twitter Party


In the meantime, "General Hospital" is safe and will survive to see its 50th anniversary next April, which has fans and castmembers spinning on Twitter. Here are a few of the posts:

Maurice Benard: "I just heard we're going to keep going. What can you say about Frank, Ron, the crew and everybody at General Hospital? Im just so damn proud" and "I also wanna thank the audience, which means the fans, for turning this around because the bottom line is ratings"

Laura Wright: "Wooo hooo Hell Yeah!!! GH Stays!!!! Thanks so much to @valentinifrank @carlivatiron. And all the fans!!!!! #GH rocks!"

Steve Burton: "Much luv to the fans for keeping #GH Alive. Congrats to all."

Nancy Lee Grahan: "One year renewal! Thank you ABC, GH fans, and @valentinifrank and @carlivatiron. What a difference! Upward! ... @MauriceBenardMB we left too early today. They're all whooping it up on set right now! xoxo"

Bradford Anderson: "Congrats to all! And thanks to our incredible viewers!!"

"One Life to Live" veteran Farah Fath may have put it best: "ABC cancels OLTL replacement The Revulsion. mm-hmm... It's hard to even muster up an 'We told you so.' smh. #DUHHHH!!!!!! Congrats to General Hospital cast and crew! A soap renewal in 2012 is nothing short of victorious."

"General Hospital" and "The Revolution" air weekdays on ABC.  

Actor's actor talks all things Boyd Crowder as Season 3 comes to an end

By MSN TV Apr 11, 2012 4:04PM


By Mekeisha Madden Toby

Special to MSN TV


Walton Goggins is an actor's actor. He thinks long and hard about the things that motivate his character, Boyd Crowder, on FX’s hit crime drama “Justified.” Such attention to detail has made Goggins' portrayal his best to date. Sure, he impressed as a troubled cop named Shane on “The Shield,” but Boyd Crowder is more complicated, intelligent and patient and that makes him and his cuffed dungarees one hard act to follow.


Like on the show, Goggins, 40, has to share the spotlight with the star of “Justified,” Timothy Olyphant. He plays sexy and equally complicated Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. But what would “Justified” be without Raylan’s oldest frenemy, Boyd Crowder, and his ever-growing criminal ambitions?


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We caught up with Goggins recently as he talked about all things Boyd Crowder as the third season comes to an end.


MSN TV: What are your thoughts on this season?


Walton Goggins: I’m really proud of the last five episodes. And when I say I’m proud, I’m not just talking about my participation. I mean I’m proud of everybody. I’m such a fan of all the actors on the show. And we’re so lucky to have Mykelti Williamson join us this year. It’s a season about crossing lines. It’s about people doing things they said they would never do. Boyd is so perplexing to me. He got an opportunity, in some ways, to stand in front of a pulpit and galvanize the people that are behind him to sway the election for sheriff. It was his way of striking back. The thing about Boyd Crowder is that he doesn’t always strike back with a gun. He rarely ever uses his fists unless he needs to. The most powerful weapon in his arsenal is his oratorical skills and his ability to empathize with people. And we’ve seen that on display this season.


Has Boyd evolved as a character?


He has. In the first season, Boyd was comfortable with who he was because he was living a lie. After the first episode, he was almost killed. And I’ve said this before, but because he almost met his maker, he found God. By the end of the first season, his belief in God and everything was shaken. The first half of Season 2 for him was about becoming comfortable with who he is and being honest with himself about who he is. And now in Season 3, it is about him building this criminal empire in a way that is slow and methodical. And he’s hamstrung by his crew. He has Ava (Joelle Carter), which is awesome, and he has Arlo (Raymond J. Barry), who is a lion in winter. And he has his cousin Johnny (David Meunier), who is in a wheelchair. But, it doesn’t matter. Now he has some muscle and he’s slowly building it and, hopefully, for the first time in his life, he’s able to see an endgame. 


Would you say Boyd has become a more enlightened criminal?


Human beings are so peculiar. If you drink coffee to wake up in the morning, like I do because I have a 14-month-old son, you can’t drink too much because that’s kind of bad for you. But I’ll still drink too much coffee and I’ll find a way to justify it. For Boyd, that’s the way he approaches building a criminal empire. Initially, I think he was kind of justifying the things that he was doing because he’s a showman, a charlatan. And when he found God, he did the same thing but with different motivations. It’s thinly veiled if you look through it. That’s why at the end of Season 2, he realizes that he’s going to do the things he has to do not because he’s found God or because he’s a narcissist and needs people to follow him. He’s doing it because that’s who he is. In the end, Boyd may get brought down by the very thing that has saved him, and that is love.


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Will 'Today' respond to '30 Rock' star's recent tweet attack?

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Apr 11, 2012 2:49PM
Alec Baldwin's Twitter tantrums always make good news, and his newest tirade is no different. It seems several news outlets camped out in front of his home in hopes of getting scoop on how he's handling events surrounding his recently arrested alleged stalker, Genevieve Sabourin. Baldwin was reasonably upset, but when the "30 Rock" star realized "Today" was among the masses, he lost it. He took aim at the morning news show, tweet-blasting its paparazzi-style tactics and concluding that he was "leaving NBC just in time."

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"Outside my apt today, along side the other stalkers from the tabloid press, a crew that identified themselves as being with the Today Show," Baldwin tweeted. "I haven't appeared on the Today Show in many years. But did they have to camp outside my apt? A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media. But, the Today Show? A photographer attempting to snap a shot of @hilariathomas backed up into and tripped over a baby in a stroller. Man.... This just in: Andrea Peyser is joining the cast of the Today Show. No one from NBC contacted me until the Today Show arrived at my apt. I think I'm leaving NBC just in time."

For those who don't follow Baldwin's life or rants, Hilaria Thomas is his young fiance, while Peyser is a New York Post reporter who took a Baldwin tweet-hit herself.  “You won’t find a writer more casual with the truth in all of journalism than Andrea Peyser,’’ Baldwin swung on April 10. 

Peyser is enjoying the attention, but "Today" hasn't yet responded to the attack. As with Lindsay Lohan's infamous snub last June, however, the morning news team is sure to report on and respond to the hit during the Thursday, April 12, broadcast. MSN TV wouldn't be surprised if they even had Baldwin on "Today" as a last-minute guest. Stay tuned.

"Today" airs weekday mornings on NBC.