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TV Buzz Celebrity Birthday of the Day: November 24, '09

Today, a certain small- and big-screen actress enters a "Grey" area of her life

By Kenny Herzog Nov 24, 2009 1:14PM
As we veer close to celebrating the day that Pilgrims landed somewhere and did something, at least this week's TV Buzz Celebrity Birthday of the Day honorees have been far from turkeys. Yesterday, we said a happy "Hey, you're almost legally old enough to smoke cigarettes and kill Afghanis" to newly 17-year-old Miley Cyrus. And today's dedication goes to an equally A-list female superstar.

Just to reiterate the guidelines before unveiling today's honoree, pre-requisites for eligibility are simple: You must be instantly familiar to more than several thousand people (not including your Facebook friends), have experienced a pronounced period of your stardom via the small-screen and be either genuinely awesome or a really easy target for needless mockery.

So without further incantations of the Macarena, we'd like to wish a happy wrong-side-of-30 to:


Who knew that when mama Heigl (no relation to Mama Cass) squeezed out a bundle of gooey innocence on Nov. 24, 1978 that, three-plus-decades later, her precious infant would mature into a chain-smoking, self-congratulatory, holier-than-thou diva with a penchant for middling romantic comedies? But of course, Katherine the Grating first entered America's living rooms as crazy ol' Dr. Izzie on the spectacularly unwatchable medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy." (And we were all like, "Hey, how did you get in here lady? This is why we have the Slomin's Shield.") From there, she rocketed to instant big-screen stardom in "Knocked Up," followed by immediate lack of gratitude via lashing out about the film's sexist undertones (because, ya know, playing the millionth variation on a wedding-crazed fembot in "27 Dresses" made enormous strides for womankind). However, who can forget that Dr. Stevens initially entered our consciousness in 1994's classic, "Neurotic French giant protects overdevloped, overage daughter from unseemly opposite-sex advances tale," "My Father the Hero"? And lest you think her mildly tainted public persona (and nicotine-stained teeth) have prevented her from receiving primo scripts, then what is she doing in an upcoming comedy co-starring Tom Selleck and Martin Mull? Eh? Eh? Oh.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Hollywood royalty Colin Hanks and Clinton-era, tawdry-news-broadcast semi-star Linda Tripp
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