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Dennis Rodman doesn't look so good

NBA Hall of Famer and 'Celebrity Rehab' alumnus cut a disturbing image on 'Leno'

By Kenny Herzog Feb 19, 2013 9:56AM
Dennis Rodman's issues with drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention dubious marital choices, have been well-documented. In light of those facts, the recent passing of his basketball mentor Jerry Buss and fellow "Celebrity Rehab" graduate Mindy McCready's tragic apparent suicide, I don't intend to seem insensitive. But similar to host and longtime friend Jay Leno and couch-mate Kevin Bacon, it was hard not to be alarmed at Rodman's presence on last night's "Tonight Show."

The psychedelic, floral frock and assortment of facial piercings are nothing new. Nor is the idea that Rodman would digress into sidebars more frequently than he'd directly address a question. But as a conscientious viewer, it was hard to overlook the puffy asymmetry in his face, haphazardly applied goth-black lip gloss, antsy body language and decision to cover his eyes behind over-sized shades. 

That's not to say Rodman isn't sober, or that years of chemical ingestion colliding with innate eccentricity don't lead to slightly idiosyncratic middle age. But when the troubled NBA legend explained his casting on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice"  by speculating, "I think that Donald Trump thought I needed help," and Leno concertedly replied, "I'll join that club," my thought was, "Make that three."

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Mar 4, 2013 2:44PM
It's so sad to see his decline. I was such a fan during his tenure with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls. His antics on Celebrity Apprentice made me embarrassed FOR him. It was obvious he had issues with alcohol abuse. I don't know if it'll be different on this season (Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars) but I sure hope so...for his sake. I wish him the best of luck in life. I think without basketball, he just doesn't have anything to fall back on. It doesn't help that he has the reputation he has. His 'Bad Boy' reputation, his 6'7" stature, and his past antics don't necessarily bring confidence to anyone wanting to hire him for something.
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