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Zachary Quinto, Ryan Murphy talk 'AHS' reveals

'Asylum' star and creator give scoop on 'pretty brutal' upcoming episodes

By Kenny Herzog Nov 16, 2012 9:30AM
As most "American Horror Story" faithful have realized over these first two seasons (and will heading into its recently announced third, with a returning Jessica Lange), the series is partly a meta-patchwork of classic and culty genre references. Five episodes into "Asylum," there's already been allusions to "Freaks," "The Shining," "The Exorcist" and even "Fire in the Sky," among others. So it should have come as no surprise when creator Ryan Murphy conceded to Entertainment Weekly that, when it comes to Zachary Quinot's Bloody Face monster, they "construct this serial killer that is based on two or three serial killers."

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During said EW chat, Murphy also reveals that "there’s three episodes in a row that really get you deep into the mind of this killer and a lot of backstory explanation and a lot of flashbacks that talk about why he is doing what he’s doing and how is society to blame in some regard." (Stupid society.) And as for Bloody Face's poor captive journalist, Lana, Murphy will only concur with viewers that, She’s gotta get the f--- outta there!" and teases, "Wait till you see Episodes 8 and 9. I love the construction on it. You won’t believe what happens to her is all I’m going to say."

Meanwhile, Quinto himself spoke with Huffington Post this week. When asked about the identity of modern-day Bloody Face, he'd only demur, "I may have an inkling or two, but we'll let it all unfold as they intend for it to," tantalizingly adding, "It's really cool to see how all the stories come together and move toward some kind of resolution, for better or for worse."


But what about those pesky aliens? For those of you who've surmised that the extra-terrestrials roaming and probing about may be hallucinatory, Murphy lends some credence to that, teasing, "I think it’s interesting the aliens come after Kit has sex with women. That’s a really good clue. People should look at that. There’s something about that."

Note to all ladies: No matter how aw-shucks fetching Evan Peters might seem, just say no.

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