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'Walking Dead' producer plots alien invasion

USA network heads in new, gritty direction with sci-fi period piece

By Kenny Herzog Dec 7, 2012 9:15AM

Forget vampires and zombies: Aliens are all the rage. From "Falling Skies" to this season's unexpected extra-terrestrial undercurrent on "American Horror Story" (as you know if you're reading our weekly recaps), scary green things on TV haven't been this hot since latter-day Cold War paranoia. 

Enter Gale Anne Hurd, who, ironically, is one of the executive producers behind "The Walking Dead." But she also co-shepherded a little flick called "Aliens" back in the day with ex-hubby James Cameron, in addition to his two "Terminator" blockbusters, among other huge genre breakthroughs. And now, to paraphrase LeBron James, she's bringing her talents to USA.

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The characters-welcoming network has announced that Hurd will be the executive producer on a new sci-fi series called "Horizon." The WWII-set drama will center on an as-yet-uncast FBI secretary who believes her husband was killed while warring with a spaceship and sets out to prove the truth and prevent, not to mention an all-out interplanetary invasion.  Man, Carrie Matheson thought she had an uphill battle.

We'll provide more info on "Horizon" as it beams us closer to its light source.