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'Cougar Town': 'Walls'

Jules deals with her son growing up in the welcome return of the cul-de-sac crew

By Miss Sarah Jo Apr 19, 2011 8:04AM
"Cougar Town" is nothing if not consistent. Jules has always been the most over-involved, smothering, controlling mother around, and to give the writers credit, it takes a lot of talent to make something so unhealthy and borderline creepy even occasionally funny. "Walls" seems to be the beginning of lessening that particular character trait just a bit.

It was refreshing to hear the gang speaking actual truth – "The clingy mom routine? It's not cute anymore." – as well as acknowledging that Bobby might be the better parent in this scenario ("Bobby Cobb's number one rule of parenting: Do not get involved."). So will Travis and Kirsten actually get married? Well, no. Dan Byrd isn't going to go anywhere, but Colette Wolfe probably will.  Hopefully, Travis can drown his sorrows with Laurie.

But enough about all this reality-based storytelling – Penny Can!  This was just the kind of silliness that "Cougar Town" excels at putting together. Everything was hilarious, particularly Laurie's dreadful radio ad and the running mustache gag.  Busy Phillips and Brian Van Holt together is a winning combination, despite Laurie's tragic lack of the letter "B" in her name.

  • The Grayson/Andy stuff was minor but fun. Josh Hopkins always does a good voice of reason.
  • "He can't stop. He was cooked in her baby oven."
  • Christa Miller's sad face is funny and kind of horrifying at the same time.
  • "We could give her a puppy that would blow up if she took it across town lines."
  • Example of the scariness of Jules' parenting: Watching Travis sleep is the least awful thing that her friends bring up. I don't even want to know that they mean by "You want to live in his blood."
  • "What's special about it? I want to see the apple. Gimme!"
  • "Find me a gay dude who doesn't love cake!"
  • "The question is why."
  • Hi Dance fans. Please still be here…
  • "Did you happen to find any of Tom's business in those holes?"
  • Ask for Carol! No sex stuff! Penny Can! (please comment if you call the number and manage to talk to any of the Cougar Town folks)
  • Imaginary Hat: Great running gag or greatest running gag?
  • "This totally kicks ass."