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Optimum doubles down on Bolton

Cable provider and adult contemporary icon entice viewers with series of cheeky ads

By Kenny Herzog Feb 21, 2013 12:02PM
What a difference 14 years makes. In 1999's cult comedy "Office Space," one of the film's nerdy trio of anti-heroes was burdened with the unfortunate given name Michael Bolton, leading to a series of punchlines taking aim at the adult-contemporary vocalists' dated cheese. (Too bad for "The Neighbors" that gag was already taken.)

But in 2013, Bolton is ripe for reclaiming as a harmless, lovable relic from a more innocent time when music videos were king and raspy, blue-eyed soulsters could rule the daytime airwaves. 

Pair the curly maned crooner's retro destiny with contemporary television advertising's irony-crush, and it's no wonder major cable-provider Optimum is seducing new subscribers with the Bolt-man's timeless charms. 

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Oh, you have yet to be stopped in your DVR-ing tracks by Mr. B wearily bouncing on a trampoline or scrubbing his pooch while juggling phone calls about On Demand packages and hi-speed Internet? Then, by all means, enjoy the below clips, which successfully tug at our base nostalgia while subliminally embedding Optimum's 866 number in our brains. See, everyone wins!