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Meredith Vieira 's-bombs' 'Today' show

And it's not the first time

By Corey Levitan Jan 3, 2013 3:37PM

It's difficult making Kathie Lee Gifford look professional. But Meredith Vieira accomplished this unintentional goal by letting an "s-bomb" drop while filling in for her in the fourth hour of Thursday's "Today" show. (Gifford is recovering from a root canal.)

"Oh (expletive)," Vieira said while coming back from a commercial break.

According to USA Today, which broke the news, one of her interview cards had just fallen while she and Hoda Kotb were preparing to interview Al Roker.

Vieira turned beet red and covered her mouth while Roker screamed: "Yes! Yes!"

Kotb attempted to read prepared material before finally breaking down and saying: "All right. Just go ahead put it on Gawker immediately."

“A little late for a bleep,” Kotb added when one sounded, as a joke, minutes after the offense.

Vieira finally composed herself enough to say: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

This footage of the incident was posted by a YouTube user.

Coincidentally, the subject of cursing came up earlier in the same broadcast. In a promo segment on the plaza, Matt Lauer teased Kotb about about her own alleged "s-bomb" drop during a pet segment from Wednesday’s show.

“No cursing today?” Lauer asked Kotb.

This is not the first time Vieira has broken FCC indecency regulations on "Today." In April 2010, she let the same word slip while participating in a driving-while-texting simulation.

Does Vieira's slip-up strike you as funny or inexcusable?

"Today" airs weekdays at 7 a.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Jan 7, 2013 9:57AM
Who cares?  I don't have time to watch the airheads and talking heads tell me things I don't want to know and don't need to know.  Some of us have to work to pay for the tax increases, the free medical care given to illegals and others, and the huge unfunded mandates given to the states.  Maybe some expletives should be uttered about those topics rather than the mundane issues normally discussed on that program.
Jan 7, 2013 9:35AM

They are worried that she said s--t on tv but it's these very same people that put countless hours of violence, smut and other filth on the air!! What hypocrites!!


Jan 7, 2013 8:29AM
Its funny period...everybody says it so anyone who is upset about it should just take a rolaid....
Jan 6, 2013 6:17PM

saying **** on nbc? nothing but crap network. makes sense. watch pmsnbc and see the most hateful anti american by a bunch of liberal

socialist communist pigs!

Jan 6, 2013 1:58PM

Vieira`s spoken word was a walk in park some of stuff we see and hear on TV if we public don't say much


Jan 5, 2013 5:28PM

seriously people? with all the **** women put up with in the media - it's even an issue that one woman let a "s--t" slip? who cares? TheseThese are  professionals doing a great job ... find something else to focus your drama on...


Jan 5, 2013 2:26PM
Interview Al Roker ?  

In other words. With all the news in the world and amazing people on the planet.  they interview one of their own... For what? More diet and surgery tips?

Do any of these people have even a degree in anything? Other the high school social drama?
Jan 4, 2013 8:31PM

Very unprofessional. No class or decorum; no self respect. All we have are shock jocks trying to out do one another. It is sickening.

Jan 4, 2013 7:04PM

I LOVE HER, and miss her. I would love to see her back and Matt fired!

Got no problem with Hoda just dont like kathy.

Jan 4, 2013 6:23PM
i remember years ago when our local news was on the the 5 minutes the anchor thought he was off the air and someone said something and he got mad and said god damn it and was off the air and fired the next half hour break, yes and they did what they did to ann, bring her back she's the professional, i can't stand watching kathy and hoda anyways there so annoying
Jan 4, 2013 3:35PM
And to think they got rid of Ann Curry.
Jan 4, 2013 3:29PM
S H I T is a nautical term that means Store High In Transist.  In the days of wooden ships, sailors had some live animals on board for fresh meat and they save the manure for fertilizer.  They would dry it, then wrap in burlap.  If it got wet it would stink and release methane, so they Stored High In Transist.  Free history lesson!
Jan 4, 2013 3:18PM
Jan 4, 2013 2:58PM
I always thought S.H.I.T. meant Sure Happy It's Thursday
Jan 4, 2013 2:48PM
Trivial news, yes.  Vieira is just another serious journalist to join the ranks of pseudo-news / entertainment trailer trash media.

Well done, Meredith, your education certainly was worthwhile.
Jan 4, 2013 2:48PM

She must feel awfully relaxed on air to let that out twice. Or she did it intentionally. Either way, I COULD CARE LESS. Thank goodness she didn't let her tit hang out.


Jan 4, 2013 2:46PM
The people involved in the mess resulting in Ann Curry losing her Today show job are the ones showing zero professionalism or the ones putting together whatever Today's Macy's Thanksgiving coverage was supposed to be and calling it great parade coverage when you saw hardly any, if any, shots of balloons, bands or floats. After all her years as a proven journalist calling Viera's accidental s word slip a lack of professionalism while not commenting on Matt Lauer's questionable behaviors in that regard or still apparently having a mindset that Today's experiment giving Bryant Gumble the lead (i.e. more journalistic) host role over Jane Pauley during his Today show years was right shows why we're stuck with such garbage on tv today.
Jan 4, 2013 2:37PM
This shouldn't even be a "very small mention", when you have the president of this country lying to the public every day and causing economic mayhem with his "non-existent" policies for job growth and debt reduction.  Why is the media spending their time talking about Veira when our spending is out of control and the president doesn't even attempt to stop it?  What a mess the administration is and the media is helping it to become the worst ever which we will all pay for.
Jan 4, 2013 2:25PM
omg ... get over it !! she's human like the rest of us ... let him who has no sin cast the first stone. Have you never blundered before? If so, I'd love to meet you, as you must be God's right hand man/woman. And why is this even news? Nothing better to report?!?
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