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More 'Arrested Development' in the works

Netflix reportedly extends production, orders additional episodes

By Kenny Herzog Dec 12, 2012 9:47AM

To paraphrase "Arrested Development" ne'er-do-well Gob Bluth and his puppet Franklin (pictured memorably above), it ain't easy bein' white, it ain't easy bein' brown, but these days Mitch Hurwitz' cult comedy is the buzz all over town. (Will Arnett, we are not.)
What we're trying to say is: The fourth season of "Arrested Development," slated to premiere in the spring, continues building a head of steam. According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered a handful more episodes beyond the original slate of 10. This would also keep the series in production through the winter, where is it was originally scheduled to wind down just past Thanksgiving.


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Netflix themselves would only tell Deadline that, "At this time, we are not confirming or announcing the final episode count but we are sure fans will be thrilled when we do." Which certainly sounds like calculated PR speak for, "You are correct, and your sources are good, but we have our own plan about how to strategically release new information to media and the fans. Meanwhile, here's this coy, but not entirely reliable, official comment."

To put all this in our own words, sounds like a win-win. Unless you're one of these guys.
"Arrested Development" Season 4 premieres in Spring 2013 via Netflix.