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ABC preps reality TV version of 'General Hospital'

Taping has begun on daytime show following UCLA doctors and nurses

By TVDeeva Deanna Barnert Nov 30, 2012 5:04PM

Word is ABC has a daytime reality TV show in the works for next year. It won't feature the mobsters of "General Hospital," but it will follow the lives of real Los Angeles doctors and nurses.

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A slew of "General Hospital" fans are always rooting for more time with their beloved "scrubs." They may get their wish next year, according to the NY Post, but it will be on a new daytime reality show, not the soap opera. Taping has already begun at UCLA Medical Center for a show still in its "earliest, pilot stages" that will follow the drama at the hospital and at large. It could end up in syndication or on cable.


ABC has already been home to three hospital-based documentary series in primetime. Terry Wrong executive produced 2008's Peabody Award-winning "Hopkins," which was inspired by "Grey's Anatomy," 2010's "Boston Med," and this past summer's "NY Med," which featured Dr. Oz. Those series focused on the medicine. The new daytime venture will also delve into the doctors' and nurses' personal lives, according to the report.


While the talk show format is a standard in daytime, the reality TV model hasn't yet worked in this market. It will be interesting to see if this effort fares. It will also be interesting to see where the show lands. Stay tuned. 

Dec 1, 2012 7:37PM
To TVDeeva:  I have a couple of questions.  1.  Why did You think this reality show would please GH fans?  and  2.  Why would ABC/D think this kind of show would appeal to GH fans?
Dec 1, 2012 2:58PM
Another reality show is not scripted drama.  I live in a family of nurses.  If I want reality, all I have to do is make a phone call.  ABC is still stupid.  Anne Sweeney, listen to the daytime viewers!  NO MORE REALITY SHOWS!!!!!!!!  Bring back One Life to Live and All My Children!
Dec 1, 2012 12:24PM
Bring back AMC and OLTL.  Reality TV shows suck.
Dec 1, 2012 11:12AM
Oh Boy!!! Another reality show. Or as I see it less time watching TV and  that is a good thing.
Dec 1, 2012 6:56AM
I agree with all the posts.  We don't want another  "REALITY SHOW", we WANT OUR SOAPS BACK.
How freaking hard is that to understand ABC/Disney?  I will never watch anything on Disney/ABC except General Hospital until AMC and OLTL comes back.  You claim it was too expensive to produce those soaps, really?  How much money have you lost and thrown away on the crap you put it their place?  Wake up idiots you can not control what we want to see!
Dec 1, 2012 12:02AM
Disney/ABC is tone deaf to its viewers/consumers. Disney shook Wall Street analysts and investors several weeks ago with news its ad revenues were falling as a result of continued low network ratings, and here we go again. More money in development poured down a rat hole. The money ABC has wasted on "developing" new daytime shows, including $80 Million on Katie could have kept All My Children and One Life to Live on the air for who knows how long. Not even Katie, and certainly not The Chew have produced the 18-49 demographic that soaps AMC, OLTL, and General Hospital brought. Now, The View is faltering with demographics at or below General Hospital. How can ABC not correlate that the millions of afternoon viewers it drove away with the cancellations of AMC & OLTL translate into fewer eyeballs watching their primetime promos, and therefore, ABC's primetime has lost audience share at a higher rate than any other network. I don't trust for one moment that ABC will not try to replace General Hospital with this mess of a "reality" hospital show. I already boycott everything on ABC daytime or primetime except General Hospital, and if General Hospital is canceled and replaced, I will never turn my television to ABC again. ABC needs to develop a way to get AMC & OLTL back on the air, and fix what they broke instead of exacerbating the problems they already have by continuing to threaten General Hospital. ABC said they would save money by canceling the soaps. Well Katie Couric's launch budget alone would have paid for two years of OLTL. As for The Chew, saving a little in production costs is off-set by lower ratings and lower ad revnue, so as my mother would say, that was "penny-wise and pound-foolish." ABC needs to stop the foolishnes, and return to the daytime line-up that kept ABC Daytime at #1 for decades and provided a pool of loyal viewers for its primetime as well. 
Nov 30, 2012 11:40PM
ABC makes the cast and crews of All My Children move across the country for the sake of their jobs and fans, then they blindside and fire them only 9 months after they made them move. Then they have the balls to suggest that people are not interested in soap operas which brings to the cancellation of One Life To Live as well. Their solutions are "The Chew", with the sexual harrassing Mario Batali, and "The Revolution", which wasn't intended to be broadcasted at all, let alone to last for 6 months, and "Hatie" Couric. ABC claimed to respect iconic programs and yet they cowardly and stupidly cancelled 2 of the most prized and time honored soap operas that have made an impact on the American society for over 40 years; through war, a depression, a recession, all while entertaining and enlightening thousands if not millions of people to become better than they are. I would rather watch the real deal soap operas than a cheesy, unclassy, stool stained reality tv show. So, ABC/Disney, you can take your real-life GH to the nearest porto potty, drop it down the hole, and set fire to it because there is no way, at all, under any circumstances whatsoever that we, the people, are going to be tuning, DVRing, recording, or burning to DVD any given one of your sorry excuses for programs until you, or somebody else, restores and returns all of Agnes Nixon's legal rights to HER creations, puts AMC and OLTL back on the air where they will continue to entertain and enlighten us long after we have forgotten the damages that you and your company have wrought upon us.
Nov 30, 2012 7:46PM
As a long time GH, AMC & OLTL fan I can tell you right now that if this show replaces GH I will not watch it. At this point I do not watch anything on ABC/D except for the one and only Original General Hospital! So go ahead and create this so called reality show and name it what ever you wish. I will not be watching.

Bring back AMC & OLTL and keep GH!

Nov 30, 2012 6:51PM
ABC really is out of its mind!!! as if the revolution and chew and gaa were not bad enough now we get this garbage!!! We already have General Hospital and will NOT watch this trash. Why doesn't abc see that the ONLY solution to their daytime programming problems would be to PUT BACK ON ONE LIFE TO LIVE AND ALL MY CHILDREN. Until that happens i and everyone i know WILL NOT watch this just like we NEVER WATCH KATIE OR THE CHEW.ITS GH THEN THE TV GETS TURNED TO ANOTHER STATION. If our soaps DO NOT come back then we will not be watching abc EVER except for GENERAL HOSPITAL 
Nov 30, 2012 5:50PM
Is ABC out of its mind???  If they think the Revolution, GAA (and now Katie!) have tanked, just wait until we get into this one.  We already have General Hospital.  It is a fantastically scripted & produced, wonderfully cast drama.  How much more money is this regretable excuse for a TV network going to throw at garbage before they get in their heads that their viewers DO NOT WANT THIS.  We want OLTL & AMC back.  Period!
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