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WWE Legend Ultimate Warrior Could Be MTV's Next Reality Star

Wrestling icon-turned-life coach Tweets about possible reality show

By Kenny Herzog Dec 9, 2011 3:59PM
Longtime WWE champion and current all-around mentor in awesomeness, the Ultimate Warrior, is many things: physical specimen, philosophical spirit, empowering shaman and, according to his Twitter feed and reports from, a possible reality star. 

Warrior (nee, James Hellwig) Tweeted yesterday that, "Exec Producer at MTV sends email. "I saw the sizzle reel for The Warrior Show and LOVED it. I think it's really really great." We talk ..." Granted, that reads like either an opening to a terrible joke or the Cro-Magnon grunting of a cartoon character with DSL access. 

Thankfully, Wrestlezone helps clear things up by adding that "The Warrior Show" would be a comprehensive, "extreme-motivational workout." Or, in other words, "Tough Enough" if it were hosted by the Mountain Dew neanderthals from "Harold and Kumar."

MTV has yet to confirm or deny the Warrior's claims. 
Dec 14, 2011 12:10AM
just what mtv needs more meatheads on their network.  Isn't it enough that they put every white trash person on tv especially the jersey shore.  I would not want to stay anywhere those nasty whores (guys too) have set foot.  You probably have to sign a waiver before you enter the house that mtv isn't responsible for any std that you receive.  The same with the real world, which I don't know who's world that is but I wish I only worked a couple days a week and then just hang out in a cool house.  I think it is time for mtv to go back to videos and not the trash shows,
Dec 10, 2011 6:58PM
About time Warrior returns to the public eye...been missing him since Halloween Havoc...and to everyone that puts warrior down evidently never seen him wrestle in person...sorry back in the 80's to the early 90's was the best for wrestling too much talking and tits and **** nowadays also met Hacksaw Jim Duggan recently and he also doesn't like where Vince has directed the franchise in recent years...
Dec 10, 2011 7:13AM
Why anyone finds these roid freaks interesting, is beyond me...
Dec 10, 2011 1:26AM
interesting just when i thought the warrior was  going to just keep a quiet out of the spotlight life. he comes back and hooks up with mtv for his own show which does not suprise me after all hulk hogan had one . plus mtv has proven it will try anything .
Dec 10, 2011 1:26AM
Wow Mtv sure does love train wreaks
Dec 10, 2011 12:48AM
He may well be certifiable, and that's part of what makes it intriguing, but MTV has certainly had more dubious personalities anchor shows.
Dec 9, 2011 10:55PM

Warrior is the name he uses now, he legally changed it a while ago. And I can't believe whoever wrote this actually thinks he is still on good terms with WWE. Nothing could be further from the truth, Warrior went on record over ten years ago and said how much he detests Vince McMahon and the direction in which he took the company (i.e. the Attitude Era). All the people who think that Vince doesn't want Warrior back are all mistaken: it's he who wants nothing to do with either Vince or the current WWE, NOT the other way around!


That having been said, I've been a fan of his for a long time, I would probably check out the show, if it were to ever actually get off the ground. Admittedly, Warrior is not exactly the easiest guy to get along with and he would probably demand to be in charge of everything going into making the show, and then beg for all the credit if it is successful. Dozens of washed-up has-been wrestlers he worked with a long time ago dont like him and have nothing but bad things to say about him, but I say, that's their problem, and i would tell them to get over it already. And those are the guys who didnt die from heart failure stemming from steroid or painkiller abuse. That way of death is all too common in the wrestling world, and I am glad that Warrior is still amongst the living!


BTW, R.I.P. Randy Savage, he and Warrior were good friends in real life and it's sad that he had to go the way he did!

Dec 9, 2011 9:27PM
Jim Hellwig is certifiable. All you have to do is read some of his babblings to know this.
Dec 9, 2011 8:30PM
He is an ****.  It is why he was run out of wrestling.
Dec 9, 2011 5:30PM
Oh, to remember the days of walking into my living room and mimicking the Warrior's entrance. We'll see if this is for real, but I will say he'd make an interesting TV personality. 
Dec 9, 2011 5:04PM

Back in the day i would never miss a single "WWF" match as it was originally named then! I think My Favorite Wrestler was THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR and still is to this day. I'm in Canada and i don't have MTV so i hope if he dose make a reality show it will come to a network up here that everyone will be able to watch. I am an avid work out fend so i would watch and make everyone i know watch it at least once as well!!!!!!!


Way tah Go JAMES Hellwig!

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