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'Wilfred': 'Respect'

No good deed goes unpunished in a morbidly humorous episode

By Miss Sarah Jo Jul 22, 2011 7:45AM

Rashida Jones, Elijah WoodAt the same time that the jokes in "Wilfred" are getting funnier, the overall theme is getting clearer.  Each episode seems to be about Wilfred teaching Ryan a new life lesson, usually by the use of shocking behavior that puts in Ryan in situations ranging from highly uncomfortable to borderline life threatening.  We are witnessing a man who is forced to get off his butt and do something with his life; to act rather than be acted upon; to fully engage with others for the right reasons. And also fart jokes. Lots and lots of fart jokes.

"Respect" headed into the darkest parts of black comedy, with most of the humor dealing with death (including suicide), and the cynical view that most people do good things only because of how they want to be perceived by others. Of course it still wasn't entirely clear why Wilfred needed to snort up pills and pretend to smother an elderly lady with a pillow in order to make that point. But it was pretty hilarious watching him do it.

  • With an admirable economy of words, Nick was quickly established as an insufferable "It's all about the kids" douche bag.  "Actually, I think of myself as post-racial." Barf.
  • Dog behavior observations: "A walk, Ryan, which by definition means no destination. Even a cat knows that."
  • Old people being disgusting and saying really dirty things. Wow, haven't heard that trope a million times.
  • It was Bobby who was exposed to the mumps by kissing Millicent.
  • "Maybe you should go back to where you came from. Right over there where you were standing. Before you came over here."
  • There were some excellent quips from Wilfred regarding Ryan's slacker lifestyle, such as noting his status as a "land baron" in Farmville.
  • It is my fervent hope that they develop this not-so-nice side of  Jenna.
  • Final fart joke: too obvious to be funny, or so obvious it was funny?