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Sookie's new 'True Blood' love revealed

Brit hottie Rob Kazinsky is the newest addition to the vixen's stable of men

By Sona Charaipotra Nov 13, 2012 3:23PM
Photo courtesy BBC
Just when we thought Sookie Stackhouse might finally really connect with her werewolf pal Alcide -- or reunite with Nordic bloodsucker Eric Northman. Or maybe reunite with the more gentlemanly vampire Bill Compton ...

But forget about all that. When "True Blood" returns with its sixth season next June, Sookie won't be bothering with the past -- at least not when it comes to love. No, our feisty heroine has her sights set on one of her own kind. And we're not talking the human part.

Brit actor Rob Kazinsky, formerly of "Brothers & Sisters" (where he played Dr. Rick Appleton), is set to play Ben, a faerie hottie who helps the Stackhouse siblings learn more about the vampire-related death of their parents. Fans of the UK sudser "EastEnders" will remember Kazinsky from his seven-season run as bad boy Sean Slater. 
Kazinsky isn't the only new blood on "True Blood" this season. The HBO hit also nabbed veteran actor Rutger Hauer to play Macklyn, a sinister sort who's also after the Stackhouse sibs as well. Of course, this is hardly Hauer's first run-in with vampires and other supernatural types. After all, the Dutch actor has starred in "Blade Runner," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Dracula 3D."

"True Blood" Season 6 will premiere on HBO next June. 
Nov 14, 2012 8:26AM
STOP WITH THIS DAMN SHOW!  This is NOTHING like the book series.  If you are going to make a show based on books, then STICK TO THE BOOK and stop going off, creating your own stuff. 
I'm so sick of this ****! The books were amazing, and the writers of the show should follow them rather than pull all this random crap out of their asses. In the books, Sookie has a serious relationship with Eric. They started developing by book 2, unlike the tv show that waited until season 4 to really do anything. And then they just yanked them apart...

But it's not just the Eric/Sookie storyline that has been screwed up. The show killed off Claudine after what, 2 episodes?? Claudine had a huge role in the books! And then there's the fact that they totally copped out of making Jason a were-panther... There are just so many great story arcs from the books that i was looking forward to, but will probably never get to see.

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