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'Pretty Little Liars' winter premiere scoop

Here's what the fearful foursome can expect from the rest of the season

By Sona Charaipotra Jan 8, 2013 5:41PM
Photo courtesy ABC Family
Just a few hours -- and counting -- till "Pretty Little Liars" returns with its winter premiere. 

If you watched the Halloween special way back in October, you know full well that the devious A has only started in on his/her/it's/their plan for Rosewood's fearful foursome -- and that some of A's minions are closer to the girls than they even know. 

So what can we expect to play out the rest of the season. Here's some spoiler-y scoop:

Just when you thought you'd finally pinned down who A might be -- and started wondering why the Gossip Girl from the Grave killed Garrett Reynolds -- there are a whole new slew of suspects. 

Spencer's hottie boyfriend Toby seems super-sweet and innocent -- even though he was previously accused of Allison's murder -- but the big reveal in the Halloween special showed that he's in on A's dastardly dealings. Of course, the fun lies in the fact that Spencer still doesn't know, which means she's in bigger trouble than she realizes. 

Meanwhile, Aria's hiding her own suspicions about a man she's close to -- and we're not talking about her older man-love Ezra (although she still hasn't told him about his secret son). Nope, it seems her dad Byron could have been closer to her now-dead bestie Allison than he'd let on. Could he really have a killer side? And will the news of his ties to Allison cause big time tension between the fearful foursome. Um, highly likely! 

Hanna's former bestie Mona -- you'll recall, the would-be murderer psychopath with a penchant for shoplifting? -- is out of the nuthouse, and she's hoping to get back on the haute blonde's good side. With her release, she's ready to introduce Mona 2.0. But is she really fully recovered? Or just acting that way so she can manipulate the girls?

Tune in tonight to see how things start to unfold.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.