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Matt Damon breaks into 'House of Lies'

Don Cheadle's 'Ocean's' co-star to parody himself on Showtime comedy

By Kenny Herzog Feb 4, 2013 1:55PM
Shows about characters who exist on the edge of celebrity are ripe for guest-starring turns from actual A-listers playing exaggerated versions of themselves. Matt Damon knows all about this. The Oscar winner's already portrayed an outsized "Matt Damon" on "Entourage," and now he'll be reviving his most natural role for Showtime and "House of Lies."
In fact, the man frequently known as Jason Bourne and/or Will Hunting is appearing in this coming Sunday's episode, alongside "Ocean's Eleven" buddy Don Cheadle. Damon will break down the "House" fourth wall as a mischievous amplification of his real-life persona who tasks Marty (Cheadle) with finding a token charity for him to represent. 

The news should provide a boost to "HOL" cred, which has suffered under criticism that its content is lightweight and lurid. And it will continue to enhance Damon's reputation as the kind of extraordinarily wealthy and reputed public figure who all of America wishes they could share a beer with. 

In other words, everyone wins. Except the audience if it sucks. Don't disappoint us, Damon. 

"House of Lies" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.